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PCV Presidents Day

Last Sunday was the club's annual Presidents Day, the one event for the year where you can take passengers. In fact, you must take passengers, no solo laps allowed. It is a social day (with no official timing) followed by cocktails and finger food at day's end.

Sadly the weather was not kind to the drivers and brave passengers with lashing rain interspersed with slightly clearer skies and the odd patch of sun.

photo 1
Grey skies, wet track and passengers... - 2011 Photo by Tim Stevenson

The good news is I got around safely and thanks to my passengers Andrew, Tim, Bruce, Steve, David and Darryl for trusting me in the conditions and still appearing to enjoy themselves.

photo 2
Andrew smiling bravely - 2011 Photo by Tim Stevenson

A few of my guests stayed for a drink and a bite to eat just as the sun came out. Aarrghh. After a quick drink I had to make my farewells as I was dead tired from a heavy day of guest hosting and concentrating on keeping us all safe in the tricky conditions. This was the club's last track event for 2011 so a big thank you to the organisers, officials and marshals for their efforts. See you all next year!