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Changes to the tow rig

As much as I enjoy driving the Cayenne as my everyday road car, there was one issue I needed to get fixed to make it a more user-friendly tow vehicle. And that is the the addition of a rear view camera. Of course it is useful to navigate the beast in small city parking lots, but I really wanted it to be able to easily line up the tow bar on the car with the ball on the trailer, turning it into a one-person job.

After some research I visited the good folks at Freeway Car Audio in Dandenong who quickly found a solution that integrated the display into the existing PCM screen and gave a clear view of the tow ball. The job was promptly scheduled (with a home pick up and delivery service I might add) and completed as planned with no fuss or bother at all. Great job!

Very neat, very functional - 2015

The other change to the tow rig was not to the car but to the trailer. A few DNFs had us concerned about the usability of the portable 'PullZall' winch we previously bought plus there was nowhere to store my second set of wheels with slicks attached. Plus a spare or two. So again after some searching and discussion we went ten kilometres down the road to Transmend Panels in Somerville for a custom tyre rack and integrated winch (with battery backup and a wired and wireless remote control) to be added to the existing Featherlite trailer.

The chief designer, engineer and co-owner Phil did some research online, sketched out a design and fabricated the uprights and racks in house and the winch and rack installation looks first rate.

Again nice work - 2015

Although Robin is often around and willing to help (as are club members at the track), if I can be self-sufficient in loading the trailer and car without the need for external support the more comfortable I will be to venture further afield and do so more often with the 'big rig'. I just need to sharpen up my trailer reversing skills now…

My next outing the Queens Birthday long weekend at Winton and I looking to both the racing and enjoying the news mods.