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PCV Boxster / Cayman Register Run to Mt Macedon

On Sunday, October 10, we participated in the PCV Boxster / Cayman Register run to Mt Macedon.

Under darkish skies, we met in Doncaster for a route briefing (with supporting maps) and an overview of the proceedings for the day. By departure time, I was brave enough to drop the top of the Boxster and enjoy the fresh air. The look on Robin's face indicated she wasn't in total agreement... The roads were good, and the hilly terrain gave the cars a thorough workout while not needing to use excessive outright speed.

The first stop was to be in Wallan at 'Hogans', a tastefully renovated pub, where we consumed some HUGE freshly baked scones with jam and cream and good coffee before heading out again.

Lunch at Mt Macedon was at a very cosy cafe, set in a gorgeous garden with scattered cabins as the property also acts as a B&B. We partnered with a lovely couple, Martin & Denise, who like us, had lived and worked overseas so we had lots in common. And more in common when finding out that Martin is a member at The National Golf Club.

The food was good and was delivered at a relaxed pace which meant that from the 1PM start we didn't leave until after 4PM. Local wines were available and from memory I had a Macedon Ranges Reisling which was very tasty.

As always, the event was superbly organised and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.