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Next level GT3 Upgrades

Prior to heading off to Winton, I had some modifications done to help both the car's performance and mine.

My technical team at NinePlus in Richmond (Stuart, Mathew and Dean) gave the car a comprehensive once over.

A complete spanner / safety check, levelled the fluids, replaced the rear pads with 'gun' Project Mu pads (the same as previously fitted to the front) and the brakes bled again. I previously reported a loose / swivelling accelerator pedal which was also replaced. The cost of the pedal was more than $A420 excluding labour, GST and the tissues used to wipe the tears from my eyes! Thank you Porsche Cars Australia... The fuel and air filters were cleaned to improve flow and breathing. And the bonnet tie down catch was replaced with a more sturdy apparatus in the expectation of much higher terminal velocities!

I picked the car up with high hopes for the weekend...

A fellow GT3 friend and competitor had invested in a data logging and video system which was very impressive. This technology seemed to give him a unfair advantage over me! Therefore the next major addition to help my driving performance had to be the installation of a Video VBox Lite, Data Logger and Dual Camera system, developed by Racelogic in the UK. My local distributor, David Stannus, Director of ProTech Developments (less than 30 minutes drive from home) oversaw the custom installation of the control unit, one forward facing and one driver facing camera, two mono microphones, a CAN Micro Data Capture Module and a Predictive OLED Lap Timer.

VBOX custom integrated installation by ProTech Developments

Both cameras and the lap timer are solidly roll cage mounted, all wiring is hidden and the system is vehicle 'mains' powered with a discrete On/Off switch and the design and fitting of custom under dash cradle for the control unit is an outstanding piece of work. All backed by great technical support. Many thanks to David & the ProTech team!

Video VBOX Lite - (Image courtesy Racelogic UK)