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Track Day Updates

Well, I have now done three track days in the GT3 and I am delighted to report that both car & driver are still in one piece!

The first Porsche Club of Victoria event at Winton over the June long weekend was very 'interesting'. My first outing in the GT3, first time on club or 'R spec' tyres, first time driving in a race suit and harness, and first look at Winton Raceway. Plus I was in Group 2, with a number of 'hot shoes' who all seemed to be regularly up my tail pipes! But I had a great day, felt more comfortable in the car as the day went on. I was of course, ridiculously slow, primariy due my inability to get the car around the slower section of the course effectively.

Next was a private track day at Phillip Island on Saturday in early July. More first time experiences as I had never been around 'The Island' before and believe it or not, it rained all day. A fast track, wet day and slick-ish tyres. Ouch! One benefit of the day was that there were instructors on hand to assist. I had a few slow (and graceful!) spins in the morning before getting the confidence to ask for an instructor. Peter Hackett was the lucky guy, who courageously offered to be a passenger and not even drive me to show me the way around. His guidance was invaluable. Showed me the correct lines, when to brake, turn and accelerate etc. Yes, we had another spin which he took in his stride. What a guy, thanks Peter! The rest of the day was trying to follow Peter's instructions and I felt my driving improved throughout the day.

The following day was the PCV club sprint. I am pleased to say the day was much finer after an early shower. While my pace picked up the outright speed of the track was somewhat intimidating and there were three 'fast' corners where I was lifting or still trying to find a comfortable line in the dry. Not helped by a guy I got friendly with on Saturday sticking his lovely 996 track weapon nose first into the tyre wall at Lukey Heights before I went out! But again, I had a great time.

I could get used to this sort of fun!