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Down at the car wash

A good friend of mine from the Porsche Club operates a car wash in the Melbourne suburb of Moorabbin.

I had some errands to run near there so I thought I would shoot Tony a text to see if he was 'at work' and maybe catch up for a coffee. Also the GT3 was filthy after Presidents Day on Sunday and some subsequent rain so I could mix a little 'work' with 'pleasure'. So much I knew….

On arrival, after chastising me about the state of my car, Tony ushered me to an empty bay and lectured me on how I was going to set about rectifying and removing the dirt. Starting with some manual work scrubbing the wheels. What??? I got through that, used the specifically dictated wash cycles and now set about the normal process of chamois drying the car. Silly me, I thought I was finished. Tony ran his eagle eye over the vehicle, sighed, disappeared and finally re-appeared with a micro-fibre cloth and a bottle of 'Oomph' (catchy name) which he said would get rid of 'all of those ugly marks' still on the car after I had carefully washed it. Sheesh.

I am not sure if I am sweating from embarrassment or exertion, but this was no walk in the park car cleaning effort.

The final result is shown below. And I still used a little Photoshop to clean it up even more!


Next time I visit Tony I am going to arrive with a REALLY clean car!

PCV GT3/RS/RSR Register Technical Evening

In late October, some 17 PCV members turned up at the Fitzgerald Racing Services premises in Box Hill to learn more about the tuning of high performance German cars in general, and Porsche GT3s in particular, from Peter Fitzgerald and his son, Christian.

The evening kicked off with some superb home made burgers courtesy of Carol Fitzgerald with beers and 'softies' and some lively conversation.

A brief tour of the premises followed, punctuated by 'war stories' of successful / 'interesting' upgrades to various vehicles on display.

Back outside the main workshop, Peter talked through a range of modifications to a customer 996-1 GT3 to achieve maximum performance and still remain within MM1 Class rules. Inside, attention turned to 'Peter's' 997-1 GT3 Open Class winning club car. Easier to say what hasn't been changed rather than list all of the modifications. A serious weapon in great hands.

A key part of the night was for guests to ask questions specific to their individual requirements and needs. Suffice to say, the attendees took full advantage of this and gained some extremely valuable and detailed information in the process.

GT3 owners rightly love their cars and are mostly satisfied with their performance, other than perhaps a 'tune' and an exhaust upgrade. The range of the possible even within those upgrades and many more enhancements was truly eye-watering with the sky (and your wallet) the only limit.

Thanks to Peter and his family for their time, opening up their business out of hours to support the Porsche Club of Victoria and educating the PCV members on the range of the possible when 'plenty is never enough'.

PCV GT3/RS/RSR Register : Brunch Run to Loch

Our second GT3 Register Run was planned to take us through some really pretty country south east of Melbourne.

The day dawned sunny, so, with high hopes, four couples / cars met at Pearcedale at 8.15AM. The first stage took us 40 minutes down the South Gippsland/Bass Highway to Grantville for a quick pit stop. Warm hospitality, good coffee and fine conversation in the bakery left us ready for a challenging drive up, down and around to our brunch destination at Loch.

Sadly the sun that was at Pearcedale gave way to intermittent showers and low cloud for the next thirty minutes once we left Grantville.

Canon 5D (3)
The 'Beast' brooding at Grantville - 2012

Although it was my third time along this particular route, I really enjoyed the fabulous roads that incorporated altitude changes, green pastures, sea views (slightly obscured by the clouds), straight sections and sweeping turns. All this in about 50 minutes of spirited driving kept at or below the posted limits due to the quickly changing terrain.

Brunch was at the wonderfully named 'Hard Loch Cafe' in the historic township of Loch. The owner/manager Rohan, was a fabulous host, seating us comfortably whilst explaining the vast array of fresh produce on offer.

Orders consisted of soups, salads and pies plus the compulsory bottle of local pinot noir. The din of conversation soon dulled as we tucked into some great food.

Canon 5D (4)
(L-R) - Margaret. Helen D, Helen B, Linley and Dymo. Images of Robin and Dennis omitted to maintain MA rating - 2012

True to the organiser's word, we wound up by midday, so the group could get home for lunch (as if) or enjoy some more of the delights that Gippsland had to offer.

Thanks to Dymo/Helen, Linley/Helen and Dennis/Margaret for joining Robin and I for a great morning's outing.

PCV GT3/RS/RSR Register : Lunch Run to Avenel

A small but spirited group met in bright sunshine in a Nunawading for the GT3/RS/RSR Register Run to Avenel. Unfortunately, the cold and wet Melbourne winter caused a couple of late cancellations.


The route took us through acreage properties in Park Orchards to Warrandyte then towards Kangaroo Ground until we turned off onto the delightfully named Pigeon Bank Lane which took us towards Christmas Hills and onto Yarra Glen. Then off towards Kinglake West for our morning tea stop. Then trouble struck. One of our group copped a nail through the wall of the driver's side rear tyre. With no spare on a 997-2 GT3 (as standard) it was a call to Roadside Assist for the long haul back to town. Robin and I waited while arrangements were confirmed, kept the group informed, and left when help was assuredly on it's way. Communication of the problem left the group a bit 'flat' as well.

Linley's GT3 - Photo by Robin Humphries 2012

When I got to the Flying Tarts Bakery in Kinglake West the mood seemed to have improved significantly with everyone tucking into egg & bacon rolls, and full breakfasts of all shapes and sizes! I tried to remind people that a great lunch was only 75 minutes away but they nodded, smiled and kept on eating!

Departing Kinglake the road to Yea was clear moving through low hills, then onto Seymour the road was a little more winding before the last flat leg to Mangalore and onto Fowles Winery at Avenel. Overall the roads were relatively empty and we made comfortable progress towards lunch.

James, Tracey, Linley and Helen - 2012

Fowles Winery and Restaurant is an extremely popular venue for both it's food and wine. Booking a month in advance we were 'lucky' to get a slot. Even on arrival, it was easy to understand why. We were greeted warmly, shown to our table and promptly given water and menus and before too long we were enjoying a range of mains and the wonderfully named 'Women Who Shoot Their Lunch' red (shiraz) and white (riesling) wines. Conversation flowed, time predictably flew by and before too long it was time to start the drive back home.

Too much wine at lunch - Photo by Julie Mason 2012

A safe trip home for all concluded a great day. To be fair after I drove superbly TO the winery, Robin was duty bound to 'do the right thing' and drive home. With her cushion strategically placed in the base of the race seat (!) she did a wonderful job!


PCV Club Sprint - Phillip Island 1 July 2012

My first competition outing in eight months saw me trying my hand at a wet and wintry Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit on July 1, 2012.

I was clearly out of touch and out of sorts in my first two session. Seriously slow. Some tweaks to the car courtesy of my guys at NinePlus (thanks Dean!), saw me at least adequate in Session Three, although four seconds off my personal best.

A better day for the Mason family however, all leaving by lunchtime with PBs! Well done to Chris, James & Brett. They were all smiling broadly.

The rain really set in at lunchtime and I decamped vowing to do better next time.


I have been a bit out of sorts recently so the cars haven't had much if any driving. That leads to flat batteries...

So another Ctek charger was acquired which then highlighted another issue on the 993 Turbo of a dead battery which no amount of charging would recover.

So a new battery was ordered and my friendly Porsche service folk at NinePlus mentioned would I like a Quick Release Terminal otherwise known as a battery isolation switch? This effectively kills any power leaving the battery, doesn't let it discharge and go dead. I said 'yes please' and Dean duly arrived with the new battery, switch and new earth lead and quickly fitted the lot in twenty minutes.

Battery ShutOff Switch

The switch is very simple to use, just like a BBQ gas bottle tap control. And for $45 for the switch and lead it is money very well spent.

The Turbo is now ready for the 993 Register run to Noojee in a couple of weeks. Still thinking about new tyres though….

PFA Meet - Brighton Beach

The Porsche Forum Australia is an online community of like minded Porsche folk. Occasionally we hold get togethers in the car park at Brighton to chat about life in general and Porsches in particular.


This was the second such event I have attended and it was informal, unstructured and just plain enjoyable. A very eclectic selection of cars were in attendance, about a dozen by my count and mostly black (or darkish in colour anyway). Two 964 RS (one touring and one clubsport), a 911 Speedster, a very tricked up 987 Boxster S, a humble 993 Turbo (ahem) and an attractive 2.7 RS clone to name a few. Apologies to those I have left out.


Thanks to Kerry for organising. I had a great couple of hours and enjoyed meeting several PFA members for the first time.