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The GT3 is back!

It has been a long time since is have reported on ANY exploits with the GT3, track or social. My personal issues aside, the car has needed some attention that I have not committed to as I should have for many months (years)? Rest assured friends that the bullet has been well and truly been bitten!

First was a late Q1/2018 mechanical refresh by NineAuto in Highett, VIC. Replacement discs, new driveshafts, refurbished starter motor / alternator, new tyres (Michelin Pilot Sports), service and safety check and maybe more, Phew! While it was off-site, I finally committed to a cosmetic refresh with a full body refurbishment and respray in the original Arctic Silver by SkunkWerks in Colac, VIC. The overall finished product is STUNNING. Still loud and brutal, the car feels like a complete weapon. There is no one finger or one handed driving of this vehicle.

Buckle up!

Mk1 GT3 Luncheon Club - Winter Meeting

After a VERY long break, the MK1 GT3 Luncheon Club finally convened a quorum for a delightful lunch at the Flinders Hotel on the tip of Westerport Bay. Following a healthy (ahem) lunch, we adjourned for an amateur photo shoot on the foreshore near the jetty.

A badly staged photo. Linley who owns the red 991.2 GT3 manual (but also owns a Mk1 but didn't drive it because he now has a better one!). Chris managed to stand next to my beloved 996.1 while his is actually on the RHS of the photo. Sorry if any of this is confusing.

Here is a much more understandable photo. Cars behind grass.

And one final gratuitous shot with sun, sea and NO people.

Turbo & OptiCoat+

Basic car washes were not doing the 911 Turbo any favours and the Metallic Black paintwork just wasn't 'popping' like it should.

After hearing good reports about paint treatments off I went to Buff'nStuff in Mornington, VIC for the full OptiCoat+ ceramic paint surfacing. The process takes a full day. A thorough detail, paint & colour correction and the application of the ceramic coating.

The results are stunning. The depth in the paint has come back and future cleaning will be simple as the coating is resistant to dirt which simply rinses of with a pressure wash.

And the treatment is guaranteed for 5 years. Thanks to Michael for a great job.