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GT3 Dyno Day

Recently the GT3 Register of the Porsche Club of Victoria arranged for a dyno testing day at Fitzgerald’s Racing Services here in suburban Melbourne. A 997 GT3, two 996 GT3 Mk1s and a 993 RSCS turned up to test their mettle.

I had never understood what happens in the ‘black art’ of engine performance assessment and now at least I have some idea what goes on.

For each vehicle, the dyno was appropriately calibrated then the car is strapped onto the dual rollers, front wheels chocked, cooling and extraction fans activated to ensure the engine’s remain at a comfortable operating temperature during the run. The technician proceeds to ‘drive’ the car, changing up through the gears, to get to maximum power (at 7500 rpm in 5th gear in my car’s case).

(‘Nemo’ on the dyno - August 2008)

At this limit, the car was screaming and subsequently ‘blew’ 218 kilowatts at the rear wheels which is about what you would expect for a ‘chipped’ Mk 1 GT3. Word is the drive train takes about 30% of the published approx. 265 kilowatts at the flywheel.

Thanks to Fitzy for the BBQ lunch and the tour of his facility, and to Clem for looking after the cars on the dyno. It was also enjoyable meeting and chatting with a number of other PCV members.