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Porsche Club Regularity

Just back home after a very interesting weekend competing at the fantastic Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit.

The Island-Meister! (Photo by Robin Humphries)

The Porsche Club of Victoria were fortunate to be able to get a competition slot at the Shannons GT Nationals event at Phillip Island this weekend to conduct a regularity event. Which simply means you are competing against an average lap time which you believe you can stick to, over 30 minutes, with some 35 other cars (some faster, some slower) on the track at the same time. Yep, I agree, it is a bit of a lottery but sounds like fun anyway. But dear readers it gets worse. Saturday practice was cool and somewhat drying after the usual island weather changes, so you commit to a time based on those conditions. Sadly, Sunday morning it was yisping down. Hasty last minute lap time forecast changes and the drivers nervously lined up to tackle the fastest track in Australia. In the wet!

Race day in the wet (Photo by Robin Humphries)

The good news is that I am writing this report therefore survived the experience and managed a top ten finish (a lottery result, not a test of skill). With intermittent rain, followed by a little bright sunshine & glare and the spray off the wet track, made the conditions challenging and I didn't seem to get much heat in the tyres to get any sort of grip so I was just tippy-toeing around. It was 'fun' with the absolute number of cars not being such a problem as they were well spread out around the approximately 4.45 kilometre circuit. And almost all drivers were well behaved..........

As for the rest of the events, other vehicles on the card for the GT Nationals weekend meeting included Porsche GT3 Challenge, GT cars (Lambos, Ferraris, Vipers, Aston Martins), Formula 3 open wheelers and various Holden and Falcon touring cars. Lots of great cars, excellent drivers and hard working teams. And, visibly, significant amounts of money being poured into the national economy. A motorsport led recovery perhaps........

Some of the fine Porsche Regularity Vehicles

Thanks to the organisers, officials, flag marshalls and support folks who make these events happen. Thanks also to Porsche Cars Australia for their hospitality and the constant availability of strong hot coffee in the tent!

The Porsche Hospitality Tent, Phillip Island