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GT3 breakfast run fail...

The GT3 hasn't had a run for six months so I figured we could take it for a breakfast run on Sunday morning and blow out some cobwebs. So I rose early, washed the car, checked tyre pressures and planned a short trip to Balnarring. The data below then lists the sequence of the 'morning'. Happy reading!

Robin working the phone for help - 2016

The sequence of events - Sunday:

- Greg up early, started the GT3, wiped it clean, put air in the tyres and drove to the front door
- Robin joined and at 8AM we left for Balnarring for breakfast, stopping off at the Shell Servo on Moorooduc Road for fuel
- After refuelling, the car wouldn't start so we pushed it out of the way to the back of the forecourt
- Waited awhile tried it again, no go, now not even a click
- Called you
- Chose to call a taxi to go home, get a second car and jumper leads to see if it was battery related. No good.
- Drove home in the second car to get the third car and the trailer
- Plenty of room to park the Cayenne & trailer and push the car towards the ramps
- Ran the cable out full length and winched the car towards the ramps
- Slowed down steadily to make sure the car was lined up on the ramps straight
- Got to the start of the ramp (with me in it steering) and the winch quit. Investigation showed blown fuse on the winch motor
- No problem have a spare 30A fuse, put it in, untwist the tow hook let the car gently roll back and line it up again
- This time I steered from the outside to put less stress on winch motor
- At the start of the ramps the winch died again. No more fuses
- The Shell servo didn't have large 30A fuses, so we had to uncouple the car, drive to Autobarn buy ALL of their 30A fuses and return to Shell servo
- Plug in new fuse, car moves forward then winch dies. But fuse still OK
- After some head scratching, now out of ideas. If we flat bed the GT3, should we take it home (no real value except removing it from Shell)
- The FRS team are all at Haunted Hills with PCV but I call Peter  who calls Carol F to see if she is available to open the workshop
- Carol calls me back, yes happy to help just ring again when 30 minutes away so she can drive across
- Robin calls RACV on my City Club membership card and is told I am not covered for any roadside assist or towing etc
- Robin either calls back for another operator or sweet talks them with her membership and arranges a flat bed (she gets two free tows a year apparently)
- My new best friend, Trevor from Sheens Towing turns up promptly, is excited about getting such a nice car on his truck
- He turns out to be a prestige / competition car loading expert, took his time to line up ramps, check for potential scrapes etc. Did a great job
- I rode with him to FRS, he kept the conversation going all the way across Eastlink
- Got safely and quickly to FRS, Carole arrived and we had the car put in the garage within 5 minutes of unloading, rolled it down the drive and swung in reverse in one go (phew)
- And Robin arrived to pick me up at 2PM.

Six hours of our life gone, never to be returned!

On the way to Fitzgerald Racing Services - 2016

The sequence of events - Monday
- No word yet from FRS on the car, I will call tomorrow
- Took the trailer to our guy in Somerville this morning
- Basically it was a low trailer battery charge issue which was driving up the current draw from the car and blowing the fuse
- Then at some point, it blew the protective maxi-fuse in the Cayenne (installed to protect the cars electrics from external issues like this, so it did it's job) which was why there was no more juice flowing through the Anderson plug from the car to the trailer at the end
- A relay and cut out switch has been ordered to provide and re-settable circuit breaker, the Cayenne goes to an auto electrician in Somerville for the maxi switch replacement Friday morning (need to remove passenger seat to get at the  car battery and maxi switch)
- Also now need to keep the trailer battery charged so found out how to remove it and it is now on a trickle charger in the garage

Finally many thanks to Carole and Peter Fitzgerald for opening their workshop on a Sunday to receive the 'broken' GT3 and for the timely service and repair.

Update: The problem was the starter motor. It was sent out for refurbishment and now starting issues have disappeared. The car fires on first turn. Obviously this was the problem all along.