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PCV Club Sprint - Sandown

My Porsche GT3 in February sunshine - Photo by Ron Widdison 2014

More to come, but here is a summary of events from a stressful day:
- I was over second slower than my new personal best from yesterday's Open Practice. I was hoping to actually go quicker...;
- After lunch my 'Check Engine' warning light came on. Usually not a good sign;
- Grasping for switches in the cockpit at speed, I disturbed a tray holding two small remote controls and now appear to have 'lost' one of them somewhere inside the car...;
- While waiting for the 'Check Engine' warning diagnostics, the driver's side rear tyre was observed to be pretty flat and after removing it we found the tread was lifting off the sidewall. Again. Thanks to my Porsche Club buddy Chris, we were able to drive back home to pick up one of my old spare race wheels and return to the track and get the GT3 mobile again;
- The engine lid / cover refuses to lock shut. Again. It has been repaired at least four times to MY knowledge;
- Somehow at lunchtime I lost my prescription glasses;

The 'Flying 48' getting some diagnostic 'love' from Harris of FRS - 2014

After all that, believe it or not, I had a good day. Although my times were off, I learned a bit about the car, myself and some techniques required to get some speed and half decent lap times even when I don't have my A-game.