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PCV Spint - Phillip Island

I hadn't been on track for some months so I was looking forward to a great day at the fabulous Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit with the Porsche Club in early September. It didn't end well.

IMG_2374.IMG_2375 - Version 2
The car and the cracked wheel - 2013

I had a very slow start to the day. While everyone else was setting personal bests, I finally found some rhythm with correct tyre pressures by lunch time. I thought that good times were ahead in the afternoon.

In the first session after lunch I went out and immediately felt a very bad vibration in the car. Thinking it might be rubber pickup, I persisted for another slow-ish lap but then decided something must be wrong and I came back to the pits. My mechanic took a look at the car and found a cracked rear wheel and I was most surprised to say the least. It was cracked right through but still holding together. Just. A very kind club member offered me a loan of a spare wheel and tyre to get me home.

A very disappointing day for me unfortunately. But as they say, that's motor racing!