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John Bowe Performance Driving Course

I have been a bit disappointed with my lack of speed in the GT3 at the PCV track days.

As per the previous blog post, the dyno day proved that my car makes plenty of power. Some query on the quality of my tyres saw me strap a new set of Dunlop R-spec tyres on. The final variable must be me.

So I enrolled in the John Bowe Performance Driving course at Sandown Raceway in late August.

I was fortunate to get Luke Youlden (a current V8 Supercar driver and former Carrera Cup pilot) as my instructor (a great ratio of one instructor to four student drivers btw) and after touring around with me for three or four laps, signalled me in for a de-brief. His feedback was initially positive. I drive OK, smooth, good lines, safe and capable. Excellent. But, I drive too slowly. Not hard enough (late enough) on the brakes, must heel & toe on downshifts for faster corner entry, and use the kerbs more aggressively to get on the power faster. Oh, so not so good after all! Actually, good news for areas of improvement.

Having little experience of track driving, I obviously looked a little vague, so Luke suggested he take me out for a couple of laps to show me some limits of the car and what you need to do to build up speed and maintain momentum.

Holy sh*t!

Even with Luke analysing my driving and trying pretty hard, I didn’t get too hot & sweaty. After half a lap in the passenger’s seat I was wiping the sweat from my eyes and we had a couple of laps to go!

Suffice to say I was stunned by the smooth, controlled brutality of the way Luke man-handled the car around Sandown. Luke said he wasn’t trying too hard as it wasn’t his car...........

Although tiring, my times improved a bit in the afternoon and I left Sandown with plenty of things to think about and lots of scope to improve my on-track performance. Thanks to Luke and the whole John Bowe Driving team for a safe and enjoyable day of instruction.