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PCV Sprint at Calder

It has been five or more years since I have had a drive at Calder Park Raceway. Some ownership squabbles have meant that the circuit and facility hasn't been kept in the most pristine shape.

At rest - 2015

At the start of the day, Peter Fitzgerald talked his customers through the complexity of the circuit, particularly the 'bumps' and the risks of the high kerbs which can unsettle the car resulting in an unwanted meeting with the many concrete walls around the circuit. It took me a couple of sessions to get the hang of the track again. It is a bit tricky with some tight second gear corners and a couple of long straights where you need to focus on getting a good run to maximise top speed.

Sessions three, four and five saw some progression and on the last lap of my last session I managed a 1.05.59 which was a Personal Best by about 2 seconds. Mission accomplished for the day. Thanks to Peter Fitzgerald, the FRS crew and Robin for their support.

Car & driver - 2015