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PCV Club Night - The auction!

For various reasons, it has been many months since I last attended a Porsche Club of Victoria Club Night. I was persuaded by Chris and Julie Mason to attend this one with the offer of being chauffeured to and from the event. How could I refuse!

We arrived a little early, so we ventured into the Prince Patrick Hotel for a pre-event cleanser and we were offered a Victorian high country Cortese (an Italian white varietal) instead of our usual Pinot Grigio and it was very pleasant indeed. Off to a good start!

Time to head across the road to Porsche Centre Melbourne for the Porsche Club of Victoria Club Night. It was great to catch up with a number of people I hadn't seen for many months. After 45 minutes or so of lively conversation it was time for the buffet dinner, a tasty selection of roast beef and chicken with salads and vegetables. The formal presentation of the evening was a travel report from the President and Competition Director following a recent excursion courtesy of Porsche AG to the Porsche ice driving program in Iceland. Apparently it was cold!

As I was relatively unprepared for the evening, I had no idea what was coming next. Well, it was an auction, with the club selling off 'special' membership numbers of Porsche models (987, 956, 964 and 996 from memory). Funds raised were to be shared between the club and our not-for-profit partner of choice, the Country Fire Authority. The first few numbers were bid on and sold reasonably quickly. I had no interest in them as they didn't match any cars that I owned. But then number '996' was offered. I actually have two 996 series 911s. Perhaps I should bid I thought. So I bravely raised my hand for a modest amount mentally setting an upper limit in my head. As this is a popular series of 911 there was actually spirited interest from the floor but I 'won' luckily with my maximum bid. My euphoria was short lived when there appeared to be an outstanding bid from the floor that the 'auctioneer' missed. After some frantic negotiations, bidding recommenced and I am now the under bidder but over my upper limit. So I stayed silent. However, my good friend Chris Mason saw my reticence as a sign of shyness and decided to be my proxy bidder and increase my final bid by some 33% which trumped the opposition and saw me duly win. His excuse was that he didn't want to see me miss out for want of just a few extra dollars in the bid. After all it wasn't THAT much extra over and above my committed maximum…. Thanks, I think…. I will forever now be known as PCV Member Number 996!

With my helpful 'bidder'… Photo by Julie Mason 2016

You probably had to be there, but the conversation in the car on the way home, the retelling of the auction process and events of the night were hilarious. I had a ball!