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HANS & stuff

I am really pleased to report that the GT3 has finally made its way onto the new trailer. Thanks to the team at Jocaro Motors, some minor ride height modifications to the GT3 have enabled an easier loading process. I just picked up my HANS restraint device today to give me even more protection & safety on track. It is the new 'Sport' model (read cheaper and heavier than the carbon fibre 'Professional' model but with the same safety standards), using a new floating tether system. It seems relatively comfortable and less restrictive than I initially imagined. A big thumbs up to the guys at Revolution Racegear in Melbourne for their great advice and fitting service, and to my PCV buddy Linley for courageously drilling the 'post' holes in my helmet. The last equipment update is to get my 'boring' white Sparco full face helmet resprayed to add some 'bling' to my race kit. I know it won't make me any faster but... The plan is really coming together now. Roll on Bathurst!