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PCV - Sunday Drive

The club organised a morning drive to Mt Donna Buang and Healesville today. I had to leave home at 5.30 am (ouch) for a 7.00 am kick of at PCM in Collingwood, which saw some 20 odd cars depart for the 100km journey to the 'mountain'. Several GT3 / RS's in 996.1, 997.1 and .2 flavours, a couple of 993 Turbos (inc. mine), assorted 997s, 996s, and 993s a Boxster or two and a couple of older 911s as well. The MVP award (Most Valuable Porsche) for the day went to an Australian-delivered (one of four?) black 993 GT2 with 14,000 km on the clock. The owners of this spectacular vehicle were only too happy to chat about tyres, driving skill, stone chips, previous cars owned etc.

993 GT2 v 993 Turbo @ Mt Donna Buang - 2011

I didn't make it to Healesville however as my Turbo buddy dropped a clutch on route and I saw it as my duty to stay with him and share how reliable my car is while we waited for the flat-bed truck.

Perhaps I over-estimated Tony's sense of humour a little! - 2011 (iPhone)

A pleasant drive was dampened a little by a nasty stone chip on my windscreen in the first 45 minutes. Aarrgghh.... Windscreens O'Brien called.

L1000298 (1)
993 Turbo v 993 GT2 @ Mt Donna Buang - 2011

In addition to the Turbo, I took the Leica D-Lux 5 out for the day and managed to catch a couple of nice shots. For some reason, this camera / sensor combo seems to lend itself to very moody / detailed monochrome shots.