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PCV Haunted Hills Hill Climb

Another great day in prospect for the PCV hill climb event at the (newly named) Bryant Park, Haunted Hills circuit just outside of Moe, Victoria.

Some perspective of the elevation changes - The 'Bowl' from above (Canon IXUS 850 IS) ©2009

Ya gotta love Victorian weather! We left home when it was 3.5C. At the track it was 9C, the first session or so there was no heat in the tyres. It got warm close to lunch. And after the break I smothered my face in sun screen as I was burning badly. Then the change came, the heavens opened and people got drenched and froze again only to have glaring sunshine in our eyes on the drive home. Go figure!

So what about the event?

While I improved from my time in March by over a second, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't go a little quicker. Oh well, baby steps.....

My hard working pit crew (Dad!) - (Canon IXUS 850 IS) ©2009

The normal circuit is great, but the organisers threw a curve ball this event but running a slightly different pattern in the afternoon, moving to a figure eight configuration. Another challenge and really interesting.

The track is fantastic and the local car club who manage the facility are aggressively adding a clubhouse, covered pits, and other facilities. Congratulations to them.

I am already looking forward to heading back in 2010!