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PCV Club Sprint - Winton

Another fun weekend in Benalla so it must be another PCV event at Winton! We always look forward to the Winton events. Even if I have a 'bad' day on the track, the social side seems to make up for it, vowing to perform better next time.

We trailered-up to Benalla on Thursday to unpack, settle in and focus ahead of the 'Test and Tune' practice day on Friday. A delightful Thursday dinner at 'Georginas' got the extended weekend off to a great start.

IMG_1908 (2)

The Friday practice was OK, but with a lot of traffic on the track it was hard to get a clear lap. Which was my excuse for a terrible first session! Perhaps my head was still in high-speed Sandown mode. I needed to adjust to the tight and twisty Winton layout. The second session was better but still nothing to show for it time-wise. Still playing with tyre pressures saw me head out again and got down to a 1.40 which was at least in the ball park for me. The final session of the day I got down to a 1.39 which is only a bit over a second off my PB. Now that I was 'dialled in', hopes were high for the PCV event on Saturday.

Your humble correspondent 'at speed' - Photo by Julie Mason 2013

Dinner Friday was a most elite and private affair shared with the Masons and the Garrigas at 'Raffetys'. As always the dinner was excellent, and only a very small amount of outstanding wine was consumed in readiness for the next day's competition.

My high hopes were dashed early when I couldn't get the car around in any sensible fashion. I thought I was well prepared, but maybe trying (too hard?) and after two sessions, I was still above the 1.40s. After lunch, the day's competition switched to the short course taking away two straights (usually good for me). Gulp...

After wallowing around in the first session, a rear sway bar and tyre pressure change saw me head out, find some clear track and have a go. My previous best time was 1.11.2 on the short course and it was 'blown away' with a new mark of 1.10.5. Another PB! Well a mini-PB maybe. Don't get too excited sports fans coz that is still a VERY slow time. I think the best time for the day on the short course was around 1 min dead. Mmmmm. More work for me to do then…

My best lap on the Winton Short Course - 2013

My friends, Peter Garriga in his 1984 3.2 911 and Chris Mason in his recently purchased 997.1 Turbo, both acquitted themselves well on the day. Great work guys!

After the Winton competition on Saturday, the weekend event moved to the DECA driver training facility in Shepparton for a motor-khana event on Sunday. Not for me however, I was just an innocent bystander. Two short asphalt courses out the back, and a large skid pan awaited the drivers on the day. The afternoon head-to-head event is worth of the price of admission alone. Great viewing and I am sure fun driving. Maybe I will have a crack one year with the Boxster…

Lining up at DECA - 2013

The weather was very kind over the whole four days and I had heaps of fun. That is all that counts at the end of the day.