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PCV Sprint - Phillip Island, January 2010

It was with some trepidation that I entered and duly arrived for the first club meeting of the year at the ultra-fast Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit. At the outset I must say how lucky we are as club to spend the entire day competing on an absolutely world-class facility for just a few pacific-pesos each... Welcome to the lucky (motorsport) country!!

The Wonders of Photoshop - Greg on Pole! (Photo by Julie Mason 2010)

I knew going into the weekend that I was many seconds off the pace for my car but hope springs eternal... Hope however doesn't beat the stopwatch. The bad news is that I am still about five seconds behind where I should / might be, but the good news is that I set a Personal Best, some two seconds better than my previous best time. And the better news is that I felt I could have gone even a second or so quicker on the day after a spirited (but un-timed) last session of the day. Also I was happy with the in-car comfort of my HANS device, and even given it's narrow range of designed movement, I would say it helped me improve my in-car stability and then, my times. An excellent investment in time and safety!

One of my GT3 buddies, Chris, improved some five seconds on the day following some tyre and brake upgrades and after encouraging words from his tuning 'guru'. Great driving mate.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention the outstanding job done my wife Robin, who was Clerk of Course for the event, and ensured that all 115 competitors ran safely and efficiently throughout the day. Great job sweetie!

Robin 'On the Job!' - (Photo by Julie Mason 2010)

Provisional results can be found here.