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PCV Sprint - Phillip Island

Sunday July 3 was the 'winter' Porsche Club of Victoria sprint event at the stunning Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit. An absolute highlight of the competition season, even if the weather can be 'unpredictable'.

Upon leaving home it was mild and temperate, but sadly the closer I got to the island the weather closed in. The drivers briefing, while under cover, couldn't hide the rain pouring down outside.

Greg @ PI 7:11
On the straight - Photo by Julie Mason 2011

So the first session was 'wet', and I really, really struggled. Every time I touched the steering wheel the front slid, every time I touched the accelerator the rear slid. Aarrgghh.... A check on a slight oil leak had me sit out of session two, and while the car was 'in service' we took the time to up the tyre pressures and soften off the roll bars to their softest setting.

Session three showed more improvement, which was no surprise as the track was now drying out. But by sessions four and five I started making excellent progress by my standards resulting in an 'official' personal best lap time of 1.55. I know, I know nothing special for a GT3 but don't discount the quality of the pilote...

A You Tube video of my best lap can be found below.

Also, I attached a GoPro SD video camera to the rear of the GT3 for an interesting rear-facing video of one of my out laps. Not a lot to see, but the sensation of 'speed' is cool, I reckon.

All in all, a most enjoyable (and safe) day at the Island.