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PCV Club Sprint - Sandown

Getting track bookings this year has proved difficult for our PCV Competition Committee to arrange so yesterday's run at the recently re-surfaced Sandown Raceway was only our second circuit event of the year. Some 75 cars were in attendance .

I was looking forward to it, if the track was dry. I haven't had a timed run in the dry at Sandown for a couple of years and was interested to see how I would go. On the Friday prior the weather was terrible, but thankfully the forecast was correct and Saturday was dry and sunny. Any existing damp spots on the track dried out by late morning. I was hoping I could get near my previous PB and record a best lap somewhere in the 1.25 region. Really just hoping…

At the driver registration, I was shocked when my grading came in and I was seeded in Group 1 wIth all of the fast guys (and gal). I must admit I was a bit apprehensive, made worse when I tried to hang back on the grid only to be shuffled forward to start in the middle of the 'angry' 18 car pack.

L1010181 (1)
Couldn't resist taking a 'happy snap' of #48's first foray into Group 1...

In my first session out with a couple of damp patches still present I did a best time only .3 second outside my personal best which was most encouraging and frankly surprising. I put it down to having a very clear run, with no one in front or behind to distract me. During the second set of laps I had traffic behind and spent the first lap or so warming up and letting some of them go by. I found a gap and had three decent laps and was happy when another 1.25-something came up on my data display, then excited to see 1.24 on my next lap, and totally shocked with a 1.23.6 on the next. So shocked I think I was still shaking when I butchered the downshift into turns One and Two on the next lap, so I aborted the session and came in happy! Session three was awful, I tried too hard and didn't get close to my earlier times. After taking one of our hard-working marshals around for a few Hot Laps in the luncheon break, I parked the car for the day, enjoyed a nice spit-roast lunch, chatted to some folks and returned home most satisfied.

My fastest lap of the day: 1.23.69, a Personal Best!

Another reason for me to be happy is that there have been no recent changes to the car this year. Also I am probably adding negatively to the power-to-weight ratio of the car as well! So it looks like some recent driver training is helping. I now look forward to Winton later in the month with some renewed confidence.