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Recent Porsche Outings

After a very disappointing (and unreported) outing in the GT3 at Phillip Island, I went in to my shell and seriously questioned if I wanted to play motor racing, and / or whether I had the requisite talent and cajones.......... Without addressing the last question directly, I decided that another injection of skill wouldn't hurt the ultimate decision-making process.

So I enrolled in the John Bowe Advanced Driving Course scheduled at Winton Raceway in mid March. One of my better ideas I must say. The secrets of Winton were always a mystery to me and my track times there were usually timed with a sun dial......... So after a little walking of the corners and some line and gear recommendations I was on course feeling better. That was until my instructor for the day got to sample my talents. Within three laps (or half and hour????) he indicated that we should return to the pits for a 'chat'. Usually he writes his comments on small library cards but I noticed he took out an A3 pad for me! Shame prevents me listing his 'remarks' verbatim here but needless to say that I had some 'opportunities for improvement'.

Having timed my early laps, I am pleased to report that my best lap time improved some six seconds on the day and I thought there was more to come when the driver got a bit tired late in the day.

Many thanks to the John Bowe team and in particular to my instructor, Dean Sammut for his courage (!) and clear guidance and encouragement throughout the day.

The GT3 and hard working Pit Crew at Winton!

I highly recommend these courses for all wanting to improve their lap times but also to those wishing understand their vehicle better and be generally more skilful road drivers. From what I have seen, Victoria can't have too many of those.

My subsequent outing was at Haunted Hills, a relatively new circuit an hour and a half outside of Melbourne. About 1.5 km around it has challenging uphill and downhill sections, with blind crests and a very smooth fast surface. We had seven runs for the day. Most enjoyable.

The previous week's training helped my technique and confidence levels immensely and my times were at least respectable. An excellent next step.