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PCV Combined Turbo / GT3 Register - Mitchelton

The following text and pictures were submitted to the PCV magazine as a record of the day.

"On Sunday the 22nd of September, the Turbo and GT3/RS Registers decided to make a full day of it after successfully sharing an early morning run earlier in the year.
We set off from McDonalds on the corner of Smith Street and Victoria Parade with 17 cars registered, including 8 Turbo’s, 2 GT3’s, 1 GT2, 3 from the Boxster/Cayman Register, one from the Modern Register and two from the Mid 911 Register. These numbers are a little misleading with Greg Humphries (our GT3 Captain) unfortunately splitting one of his GT3 wheels at the Island the week before and had to fall back on his trusty 993 Turbo to at least try and fit in…

Of the 17 cars entered a couple of our Turbo members elected to meet us at the restaurant (one due to feeling a little sluggish after a big Saturday night). And another Turbo pilot Robert Cameron, attending his first PCV event (welcome Robert), arranged to meet us en route as he resides in Northern Victoria.

An Arc of Porsches - 2013

Our first checkpoint was at St Andrews which turned out to be a good reflection of how the day would transpire with a few of members clicking over some additional K’s as a result of a short detour caused by a front car taking the wrong turn and the ‘sheep’ following.

The group then set off from St Andrews in warm dry spring conditions with the countryside looking magnificent, As his usual co-pilot decided to purchase and drive his own 911, our Turbo Captain ended up driving this event ‘solo’ and thus had to rely on others for navigation. Needless to say, there was a lead group of some 11 cars that departed, dutifully following the mapped route, thus enjoying some great roads, arriving at Mitchelton without any further mishaps. Sadly, three ‘tourists’ took a major deviation thereby discovering some magnificent roads out the back of Broadford which apparently will be incorporated in a future run. Every cloud has a silver lining (or a sensational driver's road).

Stunning 911 GT3 RS 4.0 - 2013

In spite of the group splitting, the cars arrived at Mitchelton at broadly the same time. We were treated to a very tasty two-course lunch, complimented by excellent estate wines. Major renovations have seen the restaurant, along with the tasting room, moved into the old storage/gallery building under the iconic tower. Parking was arranged in front of the this building and provided some fantastic photo opportunities.

The ‘Why-Me’ award for the day went to an early model Turbo owner who decided to try his remote anti-theft device for the first time EVER at the St Andrews stop. Suffice to say that it did at least lock the driver’s door and he spent the rest of the event crawling in and out over the hand brake, gear lever and passenger seat. And always with a smile!

Turbo & Tower - 2013

Thanks to all for contributing to a great joint register day."