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Bad luck continues...

I took the GT3 to Sandown raceway on Thursday December 18 to have a run in The Formula Company's track day. Always a great event, well run with professional drivers and instructors on hand. At the most basic level, I also wanted to just have lots of laps to get myself back into some sort of driving rhythm, sharpness and fitness.

In pit lane at Sandown Raceway waiting for kick-off - 2014

On arrival I was delighted to see Peter Fitzgerald, mechanic Clem and some of his customers there so a 'team' environment would make the day even more enjoyable. With a sunny day in prospect and unlimited access to an espresso machine what could be better!

After a solid first session of 10 laps or so the car gelt really good. I came in, adjusted tyre pressures and was really looking forward to getting out again and bringing my times down slowly but surely. Two laps into Session 2, I was already down to my best time of the day. Then a missed downshift coming into the Dandenong Road corner 'buzzed' the engine and a fairly nasty vibration from the engine / drivetrain somewhere forced me back into the pits.

Expert opinion at the time was a pressure plate and / or clutch failure resulting from the over-rev. Bugger!

A 996 GT3 Pressure Plate

Now there are some logistical challenges to get the car to Fitzgerald Racing Services for repair as I didn't have my tow car and trailer on hand as I drove to the track. Robin saved the day again! The next issue was FRS were closing the following for the holiday break and were not re-opening until January 12 which meant that I would miss another planned track day at Phillip Island on January 9. But great work by the FRS crew replaced the pressure plate and turned the car around in under 24 hours. It is now back home ready for it's next outing.

Fingers crossed 2015 brings me some better luck!