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The Quest towards Adequacy....

While I have some upgrade plans to ensure that the GT3 is as good as it can be for the big Bathurst bash in April, as the old saying goes, the greatest weakness in any car in the 'loose nut behind the wheel'.

In 2009, I attended a couple of driver training days (Winton and Sandown) and, not surprisingly, my confidence improved and my times dropped. An easy thing to do would be to say that I did the training and I will continue to get better. At my level, that is possible, however not probable. Fortunately, an invitation hit the 'InBox' in this week for a John Bowe Advanced Driving Course to be held at Phillip Island in late June. I am staggeringly slow at this very fast and challenging circuit, so count me in.

And today, I bought a book, 'The Complete Driver' from the US-based 'Speed Secrets' series. I look forward to a couple of gems from this plus the above driver training to help me continue on my quest towards 'Adequate'.