The Beatles Tribute Show - 'Rubber Soul'

We caught a show of the Beatles tribute band 'Rubber Soul' at the 'Cube Theatre' at the Frankston Cultural Centre on Saturday night. And extremely good it was too.
The musicianship was first class, great bass and drums (go Bongo!), and the two guitarists played particularly well. The vocals were perhaps the least best element but they carried off the performance with bags of personality. It was a show of two halves, the first being the early years with the band dressed in suits & ties, and the second half being the 'later years' with the band appearing in Sgt Peppers attire.

The assembled crowd really got into the music & show (no surprise there) and it was interesting that Robin and I knew all of the words to all of the songs played over the course of the two hour show. A tribute to: a) the quality of the music: b) our memory (!); and c) our wasted youth!

My favourite song of the night was a fantastic rendition of 'Birthday'. Robin's vote went to 'Back in the USSR' with a special mention for 'Get Back'. Really, really good stuff!

A fine night was had by all. And you can probably guess the demographic of the crowd...