iPhone 4 and iPad

Good afternoon,

The planets finally aligned and I was able to get me some news toys.

My old 3G iPhone plan expired so I was 'free' to upgrade and after a few days I am pretty pleased I did. Very snappy, great features, especially the decent still & video cameras and a whole range of possibilities in the App Store to take advantage of the hardware features over and above my previous iPhone. The 'decent' storage (32GB) now makes a reality of messaging, mail, calendar & contacts, music and video on the move. The new 'Retina' display makes viewing even small script pleasurable.

Update: I managed to 'cascade' my original iPhone to my wife, an Apple lover but not a convert to the iPhone world while I had the only one... Now, Robin is Googling, texting, emailing, checking Facebook etc on my 'old' 3G phone hourly or more frequently and I promise you that she will not go back to the 'dark side' again!

So what apps are my favourites or 'must haves' so far? In no particular order:

  • iMovie to edit the HD video the iPhone 4 produces;
  • Paper Toss, a fantastic time wasting game;
  • Beanhunter a location aware app to find the best coffee around you;
  • Metlink for Melbourne public transport timetables;
  • PS Express, Darkroom, CameraBag, PhotoBudy, Photogene, Image Touch, Pano and SketchMe! are all useful apps for enhancing iPhone photos on the phone;
  • Dropbox for seamless document transfer across computers, platforms and geographies;

As for the iPad, well this is really a whim. But I can easily blame Robin as she was an early adopter of e-books back in 2000, so the iPad is just a re-imagining of those early readers only slicker with a lot more functionality. Given the larger screen size over the iPhone, videos look especially fine on the iPad. I opted for the 64B wi-fi only version.

Favourite apps so far?

  • GT Purely Porsche, Total 911, Winding Road and Evo online motoring magazine subscriptions;
  • iBooks, Stanza and Kindle as e-book and PDF readers;
  • PCalc Lite calculator as I can't live without an RPN calculator at my fingertips,
  • Epicurious recipes online and / or on demand;

As both devices run similar operating systems (soon to be the same), there is just the one learning curve and the tight coupling with the iTunes eco-system makes syncing and upgrading a one-touch process.

Update: I am really starting to get into the iPad as a PDF reader for of all sorts of info / data, magazines and manuals. And you can read it with the light OFF in bed. A big WAF! Regrets? I probably should not have been such a cheapskate and should have bought a 3G iPad rather than WIFi as the always on convenience and ten+ hour battery life 'deserves' an always available internet connection. Another 'cascade' opportunity for Robin!

Bye for now, BomberBoy