A wild weekend

Good afternoon,

On an otherwise quiet Friday morning at about 8.30AM, there was a large 'bang' close to the rear of the house.

Upon closer inspection, a very large pane of glass in our hallway shattered caused by some sort of impact which 'dented' and put a jagged hole in the 1/4" glass. Various theories of what caused the damage but no tangible proof was visible on site.

A quick call to our insurance company who instructed us to contact O'Briens Glass got the ball rolling. Late morning the O'Briens guy came, assessed the issue and set about clearing the damaged glass and boarding up the opening. He then sourced a security guy who arrived late afternoon to put the metal shutters on to physically secure the area. Great work to have it all done inside seven hours.

Fast work on a Friday to secure the area - 2016

After Friday's incident, there were some severe winds on Saturday evening and overnight. Then early Sunday morning a crack came from the garden near the veggie patch and another large branch had come down. This has been a pretty regular occurrence on our property unfortunately.

Another one bites the dust - 2016

Should all be repaired and cleared by mid week. Update: The branch has been cleared, and the new pane of glass has been installed, all 70kgs of it!

Bye for now, BomberBoy