A visit to Bomber HQ

Good evening,

Yesterday Robin and I took a trip out to the True Value Solar Centre in Tullamarine, the new administrative and training home of The Essendon Football Club.

I knew that this new facility was out near the airport and thought it was probably in some wind-blown plain and a bit desolate. Well, to be honest, it did seem a little breezy but there is a lot of development in the area and in a few years it will be surrounded by light industrial factories, business accommodations and various commercial ventures.

The facility itself is attractive in a red and black industrial sort of way, and is especially spacious particularly the indoor training area. I dropped a few dollars in the 'Bomber Shop' and we enjoyed a coffee in the cafe overlooking the two ovals, one the size of the MCG and the other mirroring the dimensions of Etihad Stadium. Interestingly the cafe also is where players get meals and refreshments and the choices are particularly healthy, not a pie to be seen. Sadly...

Bye for now, BomberBoy