Guitars Plus VIP Night

A most enjoyable night was had at Cafe Hobson in Sandringham last week attending the Guitars Plus VIP Night showing off a wonderful array of rare and vintage guitars for sale. Guitars Plus head honcho, the ever amiable Chris Voce, was on hand to share information, advice and guidance on all guitars on hand.

Guitars Plus

Along with fine wine and beverages, an acoustic duo, 'Locura' played fiery flamenco style guitar, entertaining the attendees extremely well.

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During the night, I had the pleasure of handling a few of the fine specimens on display, including a couple of gorgeous Gibson Standard and Les Paul guitars. I am not man enough for those guitars. I don't have the physical strength (they are weighty beasts) nor do I have the strength of wallet! They attract a serious and I am sure well deserved premium.


I was looking at one item in particular, most of the evening at the exclusion of all others. You have probably guessed it was the mid 1970s Fender Telecaster shown on the home page. Just worn enough to look 'vintage' but preserved enough to be in 'fine' condition. Playable and collectable! The guitar also comes with the original vintage case. It is just being freshened up as we speak and I should have it my hands by weeks end. It will match extremely well with my Fender Deluxe Twin Reverb amplifier.


I am one happy strummer. Rock on!

Bye for now, BomberBoy