My new iPhone 6

Good evening,

This story starts a couple of months ago. My trusty iPhone 5 developed a 'stain' on the camera lens that wouldn't go away and my battery performance meant using the after market extender battery almost mandatory. Then came the recall of certain iPhone 5 models for a battery replacement. I checked the serial number range and found mine was indeed faulty. I took it to an Apple Store, who physically tested it and indeed it needed a new one. I wandered the mall for 30 minutes while they swapped batteries and returned to a very glum looking 'genius' who advised that in removing the battery, they inadvertently ripped a couple of cables out so I would actually get a new iPhone 5 rather than just a new battery. Woo hoo!

So I wasn't really in a rush for the '6' as I was flush with enthusiasm for my new '5' that was suitably upgraded to IOS 8 and did indeed feel fresh and new. Robin's old 3GS was started to show it's age so I started to study the specs and availability of the new model more closely.

I finally decided to chase one seriously last week and studiously tracking Apple's iPhone availability tool, and I found a 128GB model in white / silver at the Apple Doncaster store. I staked my claim in the morning and duly arrived to execute the transaction and left the store a hamper camper. That happiness turned to something darker when I got home and tried to swap SIM cards and set the phone up. The screen was DOA. Not happy Jan!

A terse phone call later that day allocated me a replacement but it was a three hour round trip to pick up the device. It had to be done, I did it, stayed in store to see if this one actually worked! Suitably satisfied I returned home and completed the set-up process with minimal aggravation.

Was it worth it, well read on!

IMG_4132 (1)
The Panorama function is still effective - 2014

Now that I have it, I love it! Bet you are all shocked by that…

It took a couple of days to get over the increased size (length / width) versus the iPhone 5 as well as get comfortable with the smaller depth, even with the Apple leather cover. I would be nervous about the phone slipping out of my hands without some sort of grippy cover.

The screen appears better but not staggeringly so in day-to-day app usage. I tend not to consume videos on my phone where perhaps the better screen would be really noticeable. A big plus is the Touch Id feature. It took just a few minutes to setup my thumb and forefinger and it has worked flawlessly since. Bye-bye passcode!

Performance is fantastic, very snappy in most apps and a noticeable step up from the 5. It responds more like my MacBook Pro than a 'laggy' phone.

I always believe in getting the biggest, fastest electronic device you can afford as one can't have too much grunt or too much space. So, the128GB option was ticked and I can continue my undisciplined practice of adding apps and any music I like and still have some free space to play with.

The Photo app and enhanced camera are both real highlights. My poor old point & shoot camera is languishing in the bag now. If and when the iPhone gets a semi-decent optical zoom then that will be the death of P&S cameras IMHO.

Pretty crisp for a phone & the car is uber-cool as well - 2014

With Telstra (my Australian telco provider) I am on a two year plan which puts me on Apple's 'whole number' iPhone release cycle and that seems to suit me just fine. I get a mid-cycle bump with an IOS upgrade and then a two-model bump for the phone hardware which keeps my tech-geek side happy and I don't feel that I am wasting too much money on what is still, just, a mobile phone. Albeit in the case of the iPhone 6 and IOS 8, a very, very good one indeed!.

Bye for now, BomberBoy