Concert: Colin Hay - 'Finding My Dance'

Good afternoon,

We attended Colin Hay's latest one man show, 'Finding My Dance' at the the Frankston Performing Arts Centre last night.


It seemed like a good idea when Robin booked it, but fair to say expectations were being kept in check as we didn't really know what to expect, given that we probably know more about Men At Work, led by Colin Hay than we do about Colin Hay, the individual singer / songwriter.

The main auditorium at F-PAC is a very nice large room with seemingly good acoustics and sight lines were fine. Any concerns we may have had about the performance quickly dissipated when Colin Hay arrived on stage. Casually dressed and supported by his three acoustic guitars (one twelve string, two six string) all made by the Melbourne company, Maton, itself the subject of an amusing story part way through the show.

The format consisted of Hay telling snippets of his life story in amusing anecdotes and through song. Three Men at Works songs were mixed in with a number of Colin Hay solo career originals, with the performance ending with an a cappella tribute to his late band mate, Greg Ham. Throughout the performance, the humour was not forced, but delivered with an often self deprecating dry wit, with the a sharp eye and ear of a mimic and Hay's personal family history and global music travels were all grist for the humour mill. Two stories, one featuring ants and another about a passive smoking goat will stay with for quite some time!

Of course when he started to play 'Downunder', the crowd got really excited, so must have Hay as he 'blew' the second verse lyrics and had to chastise himself that he should have learned the lyrics after 35 years!


I would recommend anyone with the faintest interest in Men At Work or Colin Hay to get along to a performance soon. The quality of the entertainment was first class.

Bye for now, BomberBoy