New Konro Charcoal BBQ

One of my New Years resolutions was to improve my BBQ skills and, in the modern vernacular, take them to the next level. And what better way to improve than to buy new stuff! If it goes well I am a hero, if it fails then it is just part of the process of learning new technologies. Can't lose!

Robin and I have very fond memories of our many, many yakitori dinners in Tokyo (anyone remember 'Dodo'?), and some discount Tuesday evening 'sticks' at 'East' in Manhattan and decided it was time that we took that culinary experience home to Mt Eliza.

I stumbled across a great business 'Chefs Armoury' in Richmond, VIC, who sell many things Japanese cooking-related, including the Konro range of BBQ's.

Our 'small' Konro Charcoal BBQ - 2017

We went small, just enough grill space for 2 or 3 serves at a time, but as the charcoal lasts several hours, any sensible numbers of servings or pieces can be prepared at a sitting.

The Konro is now starting to season and my management of the charcoal is improving with each meal.

Tosa Binchotan - White Charcoal - 2017

Chicken skewers with spring onion and cherry tomatoes, lamb cutlets and mushrooms have been on the menu so far and the flavour from the fresh ingredients sizzling over charcoal is certainly addictive. Full disclosure: My yakitori sauce or 'tare' is not up to scratch yet, and I can't seem to get the consistent 'stickiness' and flavour profile of restaurant quality sauce. I won't give up!

Yakitori skewers - 2017

Bye for now, BomberBoy