The best looking Windows 7 system, ever...

Good evening,

I am so chuffed. I am the owner of the best looking Windows 7 system in the world… Or so I think for several reasons. And it is a longish story.

Way back when, my machine of choice was an Apple MacBook Pro, Intel Core Two Duo processor with 4GB of memory and a 512 GB HDD. A nice machine for circa 2005. My Windows journey started a little after that when I needed a system to run a wine cellar program that was MS only. So I duly fired up Bootcamp with Windows95 and went through much frustration re drivers et al, and finally got it to work. Sort of, almost in a fashion. Of course, after all that set up effort I had no energy left to actually do the data entry for the cellaring system and it was all then for nought.

Maybe not. For another 'hobby', I bought a simple GPS device for my Porsche that collected data on an SD card for subsequent analysis via (you guessed it) a Windows-only app. Well, to keep things brief, I never got that to work, and now the dust on the device is thicker than the SD card…

One thing I am not is a quitter. So when in doubt, invest more money! Somewhere in the previous transaction or the next one, I bought a copy of Parallels, the Windows emulation product for Mac OSX and a copy of Windows Vista Premium (ahem). After some frustration getting it set up, and all sorts of confusing concepts like Coherence mode and other stuff, it frankly ran like a dog and was unusable. Perhaps it was Vistas fault, or Parallels? I decided that I needed to try another approach.

So enter the other major third party emulation player, VMWare with their product, Fusion V4. The quick summary was that it was no better.

My Windows requirement became even more important as my Porsche racing became more serious and I invested heavily into an advanced multi-camera, GPS data collection, real time circuit analysis hardware and software setup. Basically useless without high-end Windows back end support. Gulp.

Circuit Tools Screen Shot
Finally viewing the Racelogic Circuit Tools software - 2012

Come on down contestant number 4. Let's blame Vista and spend some more money on Windows 7. To be honest it was slow, clunky and 'fugly' but nearly almost worked. Too little, too late and I was getting pretty annoyed by this point (so was my local Porsche buddy who was getting sick and tired of helping out his IT mate) and I started to put the feelers out to my 'dark side' buddies about buying a dedicated Windows machine. Probably could have bought myself a nice one if I hadn't invested all the money in stand alone operating system versions and emulation packages. Grrrr.

Speaking of money, at this point for totally unrelated reasons, in September 2012, I ponied up and bought myself a brand spanking new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, 16 (count 'em) GB of memory, a 512GB solid state disk drive to use as my photo editing and daily usage machine. It is an absolute gem.

So after researching all the Acer / Toshiba / Compaq / HP / Asus / blah, blah blah machines, I was totally confused and completely underwhelmed. Then in early November 2012, my good friends at VMWare sent me a promo email about V5 of Fusion. Best thing ever apparently. And only (another) $AU47.95. With a free trial. How could I go wrong?

By now I guess you are all thinking that this latest solution would be another pile of steaming sh*t. But no dear readers. Some combination of what I have done has given me a Windows 7 system on my MBP which just flies! I am so happy, less so because it works but more brimming with pride for my perseverance / bloody mindedness to finally get to this point.

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 2.54.36 PM
Now that is what I call 'Windows' - 2012

So if any of you know of any fantastic apps that are Windows only, please do let me know as I would love to run them. Really fast! Even Windows looks great on an Apple Retina Display. Might even look for that WIne Cellar installation disk again!

Bye for now, BomberBoy