2015 so far...

Good evening,

In analysing 2015, there are major themes, supporting tasks and bubbling undercurrents. Sounds almost like a spy thriller!

The major themes are turning out to be motorsport and music. Last year during the GT3 rebuild, I did commit 2015 to be the year of performance and focus, both in terms of mental and emotional commitment and financial… I am off to a positive, if not stunning start, but my interest levels and passion for success are actually increasing by event. Bring it on!Those of you that follow my hifi musings will know that I am deeply smitten by the awesome products produced by Kyron Audio, and that I have ordered an 'enhanced' version of their Kronos system. As happens with bespoke manufacturing, better options open up, complexity & quality overcomes the players and delays occur. The latest estimate is that our system will arrive late March. All of the proceeding notwithstanding, the communications with Kyron Audio during the purchase and delivery process have been transparent and first class.

One of the supporting tasks is that I am doing more and more cooking at home. The good news is that Robin is a grateful guinea pig bravely trying my creations and even doing the cleaning up afterwards.

And finally, I seem to have found some newfound enthusiasm to seek part time work a little more enthusiastically. One promising lead unfortunately failed to produce a result, and there is at least one other opportunity currently in train. I am really looking forward to helping significant organisations achieve their IT and corporate gaols. Watch this space!

And it is not just all about me. No really, it isn't! Robin is off to a great start to the season with State Championships with 'Lily' and 'Jimmy' at Werribee in early March. Well done her!

There is a flip side for me of course. I have to admit that my interest in, and results on, the golf course have suffered of late. Even though it would help my fitness levels, I just don't have the motivation at the moment. Maybe it will return…

Stay tuned!

Bye for now, BomberBoy