The best pizza in Victoria!

God afternoon,,

Now that I have your undivided attention...

A couple of weeks ago, my hifi buddy Tony and I found ourselves in Victoria Parade, Abbotsford looking for some musical inspiration in the form of some audiophile CDs. I did manage to pick up an XRCD2 (Japanese Pressing) of 'Brothers in Arms' so I left the store happy, but nearing midday I was getting hungry. Some of you may know this area of Melbourne is home to all manner of Vietnamese markets and restaurants which don't really run to my taste. Surprisingly on the short walk back to the car, I saw an Italian restaurant called 'e Lounge'. Curious name, they seemed to specialise in wood fired pizza. A review of the menu on the window seemed to indicate it wasn't your run of the mill joint so I persuaded, well told Tony actually, this is where we will eat. It was pizza gamberi for me (pictured at left) and pizza con prosciuto for him. Absolutely stunning. With a crisp 'toasted' base, fresh tomato paste, tasty globs of mozzarella followed by your topping of choice along with mini roma tomatoes and fresh spinach leaves and drizzle of olive oil.

Upon leaving, the host indicated they had a sister restaurant 'Zonzo' attached to the Train Trak winery in the Yarra Valley. File that snippet of information away for use at a future date.

Train Trak vineyard in spring

Well, yesterday, that date came around. After dropping the Lexus off for a service, we took our loan Lexus IS250 (sorry folks, pretty dinky after the GS430), we made a bee-line for Train Trak. The day was just gorgeous so we sat outside overlooking the vines and the hills. Strangely (!), I ordered the same pizza as previously and Robin ordered the same as Tony had done. And the end results was just same. Spectacular! We washed our pizzas down with estate Train Trak wines, a sparkling for her and a young chardonnay for me. We managed to squeeze in desserts as well. A banana & chocolate calzone was my choice and Robin had the creme caramel. We followed with coffee and then we were done. But done very, very well!

Train Trak chardonay in repose....

All of the above photos were taken with my iPhone4. I am slowly getting used to it and starting to use it more and thus taking better photos to boot. As the old saying goes 'the best camera is the one you have with you'. Cheers!

Bye for now, BomberBoy