End of '05 Observations

Good (very late) evening / (very early) morning,

As 2005 comes to a close, I just happened to be eating, thinking and reflecting on the back porch (duelling banjos heard in the background). As the sun set, and while giving a quiet blessing for for my life, a Geoff Achison lyric came to mind - 'If the washing don't get you, the rinsing will'.

Live life to the full my friends. Play the game like you invented it, drive it like you stole it. It ain't no dress rehearsal. We are here for a good time, not a long time....... And any other cliche that you can relate to.

Have a great 2006 everybody

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Christmas Message

Good evening,

I pen this message on a cool and wintry Christmas Eve. My greatest wish for my country is for all walks of life to pull together on the big issues - law & order, education, care for the aged and under-privileged and multiculturalism. I would be delighted to see all of us to collectively move the ball much closer to the goal posts than it is now.

On the personal front, I hope for an improved performance from the Bombers in 2006, for my golf handicap to reduce to the point where I can mention the number in public and for Santa to somehow get a GT3 down my chimney on December 25.

I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and holiday season and a safe, healthy and prosperous 2006.

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Margaret River Holiday

Good evening,

Late November was spent on a week's R&R in Western Australia, catching up with friends in Perth and a few days down in Margaret River.

Perth continues to be a wonderful city to visit, and I am sure, to live in. The sun, surf, beaches and gardens are all wonderful places to explore or just hang out. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to tackle some of the great WA golf courses. You have to leave something to come back for.

Speaking of that, the Margaret River (MR) piece was fabulous. Got to see some 15 or so wineries and have about 100 more to visit next time! What a relaxing place. The people in the town were very friendly, the roads wide were smooth and by Victoria standards, empty, the food was excellent and the wines somewhere between good and superb!
Voyager Estate Winery (Margaret River, WA 2005)

Highlights were anything from Voyager Estate, Arlewood chardonnay, the Leeuwin Estate sparkling. Stella Bella Tempranillo, and the Redbrook chardonnay from Evans & Tate.

Lots of other things to do like: walk through the tall karri trees (The Four Aces) - tick; cave exploring (Mammoth Cave) - tick; Sightseeing (Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse) - tick; local produce (Margaret River Chocolate Factory!) - tick; and much more.

What would I change? Well, they could use daylight saving time as it gets light VERY early in the morning, and apparently after dark the kangaroos and emus make night driving a bit hazardous.

Greg & Robin @ Winos Restaurant (Margaret River WA, 2005)

Margaret River is absoutely worth a visit if you haven't been, IMHO.

Bye for now and Merry Christmas to all from BomberBoy!

Good old USA

Good morning,

Just got back from a business trip to Boston and Chicago, two US cities I had not previously spent much time in. In both locations I ran into some hyperbole. Well deserved, so read on.

Firstly Boston. Very historic, very pretty (at least in late September) and very accessible. Not so large that a almost abled bodied person like me can get around and see most of the sites on foot. The tourist trolleys and amphibious 'duck' boats abound should you feel a little lazier. The 'Freedom Trail' is a three kilometre walk marked out by lines on the footpath to take visitors past all the historic sites; Paul Revere's House, Bunker Hill, USS Constitution to name a few.

(Fanneuil Hall - 2005)

As always, I was checking out the restaurant and bar scene. Steak and seafood is in plentiful and high quality supply. I especially enjoyed the swordfish at Todd English's 'Kingfish Hall', a very modern two storey space with excellent service to boot.

On to Chicago, and again I was fortunate enough to catch really great weather.

What struck me this trip was the architecture of the downtown area along Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River. I took a boat tour which explained all the designs, architects and highlights and it was a great way to get a feel of the city. The lakefront was busy with bladers and joggers and families out for a good time.

(Banks of Chicago River - 2005)

The food highlight was undoubtedly 'The Saloon Grill'. A double cut eye fillet steak on the bone was recommended by the waiter. 'Best in Chicago' he said confidently to someone who looked and sounded like a tourist. I am here to say he got it wrong. 'Best in the US' more likely. Almost unspeakably delicious with onion rings, hash browns and creamed spinach. And I think I washed it all down with a mid priced Bordeaux. Joyous!

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Port Douglas Holiday

Good afternoon,

Well, don't let anyone tell you it doesn't rain in Queensland. Seven nights, eight days of pretty regular precipitation during the advertised 'dry' season. Bah! And while we are complaining what is happening with my golf? A lazy $104.50 was shelled out for a round at The Links in Port Douglas, a very fine Thomson, Wolveridge and Perrett design. Only to play awfully and lose eight balls and that was after retrieving two from the swamp edges. It was a little windy but please show me the way to the lesson tee....

So much for the negatives. It was still fun as the temperature was relatively warm, and the scenery (Daintree River, Barrier Reef coastline and general tropical vegetation) is well worth the price of admission.

As an added bonus this year, your correspondent got up close and personal (although not in the biblical sense) with (in no particular order) - Geckos, Grass Snakes, Crocodiles, Ospreys, Sun Birds, Skinks, wild Pigs and Bush Turkeys! Great value and a welcome change from the horses, cows, bull and dog here at home in (freezing) Melbourne.

(Gummy the Croc, Daintree River - 2005)

One surprise was the rental car. A bog standard Falcon with only 2000 kms on the clock. It steered, stopped and went beautifully. The seats were very comfortable, the stereo strong and clear, and given the conditions, the wipers were excellent! But, as always I forgot to pack some CDs, so a trip to a local 'mall' was in order to stock up.

The final highlight for me was the food. Memorable locations were 2Fish (a Gold Band Snapper fillet), Sassi's (Barramundi fillet grilled and drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar). Breakfasts at Thala Beach Lodge were spectacular for the food and the view through the forest to the ocean.

(Big Barra Cafe, Daintree - 2005)

Looking forward to next year already.

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Welcome to BomberBoy's Blog

Hello and welcome to today's blog. Nothing inspirational to say today, other than I have been busy re-developing this site. Enjoy!