Up and About

Good evening,

Well another round of surgery has come and gone and I am feeling better than I have for quite a while. More energy and more interest in doing all things, both mental and physical. A nice feeling for me.

At the suggestion of my surgeon I am taking personal training sessions twice a week and getting more into golf again. Walking in the evening and sometimes even at lunch time rounds out the new exercise regime.

Diet has also come in for some attention, with more water the major beneficiary and coffee the big loser in this transition. Will keep you posted on this significant change, but early signs are very positive.

Bye for now, BomberBoy

20 Year Service Award

Today I passed the 20 year milestone with my company, Philip Morris / Altria Group Inc. I knew the day was coming and I was looking forward to it ticking over as another notch in a personally and professionally rewarding career. However I was not ready for the function that was organised, the speeches that were made in my honour, the recognition gifts that were awarded and the overall warmth and support I received from my colleagues. It was frankly overwhelming and humbling at the same time.

A really special career moment. My warmest thanks go out to all involved.

Bye for now, BomberBoy

G'day Suzy-Q

Good evening,

As if there aren't enough animals around here with three new calves arriving in June, another four legged creature appeared while I was on an overseas trip.

A tan Kelpie cross puppy which goes by the name of Suzy-Q. She is of course very cute and does all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things that puppies do. Tyson is being very patient with her and they seem to get on well together which is fortunate as she was obtained as a 'companion' for him!

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Joy O Joy - Technology Upgrades

Good afternoon,

Well, early June was an exciting time with the new Apple MacBook Pro arriving, the Intel chip version. A 17 inch, 2.16 MHz/2GB/120GB HDD jobbie to be exact. Apart from being bigger, better and faster, the major benefit is to be able to easily run Windows XP to use those pesky applications that still only operate on the 'darkside' - the Marantz Learning Remote Control software, Winebase Cellar Management application to name but two. Unpacking a new Apple computer is a near-religious experience. See the some exciting packaging below............

Earlier in May, some mandatory new bits were obtained for the household - a Canopus Analog to Digital Video Converter to migrate those heritage VHS tapes to DVD; and an Eye TV DTT box. The Eye TV is 'nearly' successful as the reception at my house is marginal without using the roof antenna. But the picture is superb when a signal is obtained. Very neat!

Finally somewhere in here got a new Motorola Razr mobile phone. Great form factor, excellent reception but slightly clunky menu system. Bottom line however is that it makes and receives great calls!

Bye for now, BomberBoy

March / April Happenings

Good morning,

Well, another couple of months have slipped by and we now find ourselves in autumn with the trees changing colour and the winter temperatures starting to be felt. But the good news is that it is Australian Rules football season again. The Bombers have unfortunately started slowly but there are still 19 weeks to go (I think). One must retain the faith!

I have been travelling a little recently - to Bangkok in late February, and to Chicago and Boston in April. Tried out the Sennheiser PX 300 noise cancelling headphones with my iPod on the flights I must say I was pretty impressed. Good noise suppression and very comfortable to wear for extended periods. Unlike my Bose NC 'phones which tend to make your head and ears 'hot' due to the size and bulk.

Bangkok Skyline (Thailand, 2006)

One interesting stop in Chicago was to Millennium Park where there is a piece of sculpture, Cloud Gate, nicknamed 'The Bean', made out of reflective metal. The images and reflections it generates are really cool.

Cloud Gate aka The Bean (Chicago, Ill. 2006)

Golf continues to be interesting and physically challenging. Not sure if I am improving, but I am certainly enjoying golf club life once again. I should have an official handicap by May and be able to play in club competitions both at my home course and visiting other clubs around Melbourne.

The hi fi bug has bitten again and I have been out and about listening to various combinations of amplifiers (McIntosh) and speakers (B&W and Wilson Audio), while also negotiating to get my existing equipment upgraded to the latest specifications. Latest CD's in high rotation are Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings 'Live', Marc Bolan 'Born to Boogie' & T-Rex 'The Very Best'. Also I have made some compilations from my iTunes library for listening in the car. Not totally hi fi, but there you go.........

Bye for now, BomberBoy

February Update

Good afternoon,

Seems plenty has happened to keep me busy but I haven't had a lot to report in January but there have been a few noteworrthy events in February.

Firstly, there was Dad's surprise 80th birthday party and please see the Image Gallery for more details and photos. But here is one we made 60 years earlier, at Ballarat in 1946 to be exact!

I joined The National Golf Club on the Mornington Peninsula mid month also. This has been an exciting time as I try to get a bit fitter and more importantly get my game in shape to meet the challenges of the three fantastic courses at the National.

Also it was the 2006 Melbourne International Motor Show, an annual event that my father and I attend, usually followed by a nice dinner. The show was great again, from the Shannon's vintage and collectible auction cars outside to the new models inside it is a treat for car lovers just to wander around. The highlights this year - maybe the Pagani Zonda, the new 'S Class Benz's or the Porsche Cayman.

Although Dad was fascinated by a large number of engines (cutaway models and whole) that were on display. Dinner was at Owen's Grill at the Railway Hotel in Port Melbourne. Rump steak, fat chips, a bottle of wine and father & son. Perfect!

Bye for now, BomberBoy