Merry Christmas

Well, it is that time again. Wishing all of our family and friends a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016!

thumb_IMG_6631_1024 thumb_IMG_6633_1024

Christmas dinner was out our place this year with Margaret, Libby, Lani, Jessie, Denise and Monica joining us for seafood and cold meats on what was a pretty warm afternoon.

Bye for now, BomberBoy

2015 Grand Final Eve Lunch

One of my 'old' work colleagues, Xavier Corray, is gracious enough to arrange a Grand Final Eve luncheon at the Melbourne Cricket Club every year for twenty or so high quality individuals. Unable to find a quorum with that criteria, I was roped in to attend…. This is about my six or seventh year and it continues to be special. Just to be at this famous stadium even the day before the 'Big Dance' is pretty special. After lunch, you walk out onto the empty members upper terrace in the full knowledge that in exactly 24 hours there will be 100,000 fans cheering every contest…

More images of the day can be found at our official Facebook page for the event.

The gang at the 'G on GF Eve - 2015

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Living on the edge...

Launch day for Apple's new desktop operating system OS 10.11. I took the plunge… In for a penny etc etc

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 6.19.59 pm

Nearly ten hours later after a 6+GB download and a 45 minute install, I had a working system.

Only one issue to be honest. And it might be a biggie, but the OSX Mail app seems bit flaky or at least Google's Gmail isn't playing nicely with Apple Mail. Otherwise it seems OK if frankly not a heap different to Yosemite on the surface. Changes to the Photo app are nice and integration with IOS seems even more seamless. Will post any other major observations / issues as they come to hand.

All in all I am happy to be an early adopter!

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Father's Day 2015

This is the first Fathers Day since Dad passed away, so I raised a glass (and a prawn!) to him on this special day that we always shared together usually with his favourite seafood meal. Miss you old mate.

Wish I could share it… - 2015
'Never forgotten' - 2015

There was a regular stream of well-rugged up visitors to the Mornington Cemetery mid morning today to pay their respects and remember loved ones.

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Mindshop Excellence - Frankston City Council

At this week's Mindshop Excellence program, I was delighted with, and proud of, the professional presentation of the Elisabeth Murdoch College students responding to Frankston City Council's problem of 'What is the best way to inform and inspire students about the skills they will need for the careers of the future?' The 'consultant' team really impressed the audience of parents, supporters, EMC and council staff with their solution, underpinned by an inspirational futures skills video. Very well done!

Millicent Bainbridge (FCC), Suzanne Whitmarsh (ME Facilitator), EMC students & GH (ME Facilitator) - Photo by Julie Mason

Bye for now, BomberBoy

An unfortunate hospital stay

I haven't been feeling 100% for many weeks now, but have still been able to get around, enjoy our holiday, do a little motorsport and participate in various social activities. Unfortunately, after a visit to my GP, I was whisked into The Beleura Private Hospital for some urgent treatment, further tests and observation.


After a few days on a drip getting some much needed fluids in, I was released feeling much better. To date the tests have not uncovered my underlying issues and more examinations are required over the coming days to try and get to the bottom of the problem.

Anyway, many thanks to the fine nursing and medical staff at Beleura for their professional care and support.

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Bucket List Trip - Travelling on the Ghan to Darwin

A few placeholder photos. More details to come.


- Australian Wine Centre


- Discovering the East End

Adelaide to Darwin

- The Ghan



- Sunrise at Marla


- Alice Springs tour


- Katherine Two Gorges cruise


- Litchfield Park Falls tour


- Darwin Harbour Dinner cruise


- V8 Supercars at Hidden Valley


15-6-14 HV

- Arnhem airboat wetlands tour

Greg & Air Boat

- Dining Out


It was certainly a holiday to remember!

Bye for now, BomberBoy

New toy on the block

Good afternoon,

My Apple Watch has landed!

thumb_IMG_5368_1024 thumb_IMG_5421_1024

More to come when I figure out how to use it!

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Some concerns about the mighty Bombers

Good afternoon,

After the most recent exoneration of the players by the AFL, I was expecting the side to finish somewhere around mid table but with a good chance of playing finals footy again this year. Those hopes appear to be slowly but surely evaporating.

After the disappointing Matthew Knights coaching era, James Hird, then Mark Thompson and now James again implemented a more structured defensive game plan to attempt to stop the avalanche of goals especially by the stronger opposition teams. To be fair this has in the main been effective, possibly also because it suits the most talented section of our team, which is the defence. Fletcher, Hurley, Hooker, Baguley, Hibberd are especially good at locking down, intercept marking and pretty efficient by foot.

Sadly that is where the positives mostly stop.

The injection of the experience of Cooney, McKernan, Gwilt and Giles over the trade period (partly a defensive measure if the drugs saga decision went against us I suspect) gave us a little more bench strength while some of the kids develop. Apart from Adam Cooney (has played well but a little fragile), the others haven't really been given an extended chance to make an impact. First year player Kyle Langford has showed great promise in a couple games already and Jayden Laverde is close to senior selection as well.

Some individuals are having decent seasons, the likes of Dyson Heppell, Zach Merrett, Travis Colyer and Marty Gleeson have done their reputations no harm so far. Apart from the odd shocker, Joe Daniher is starting to look like the player we all expect him to be. And Jobe Watson and Brent Stanton have been most consistent if not as dynamic or impactful than in previous seasons. Likewise Brendon Goddard's excellent form so far has been let down by too many unforced disposal errors. Honorary mentions to Will Hams and Patrick Ambrose who both always seem to give 100%.

Injuries have played a part in our average start - Zaharakis, Chapman, Carlisle, Hocking, Kommer, Myers, Dempsey, Winderlich, Fletcher (he is now 40 yo come on!) to name a few. The biggest loss has been David Myers, yet to play a game in 2015. His penetration kicking has been sorely missed in trying to break the lines.

OK, so who is not going well. I' afraid it is the usual whipping boys - Tom Bellchambers is not impacting the game at the centre bounces or around the ground or up forward as much as he should for his size and talent; Jake Melksham and Ben Howlett have a break out games every three or four then go missing for a month; and when he is in the side Chapman seems to have lost the edge he had even last year and can look pretty slow when in space and while attempting to evade in one on ones.

Is there a solution? I think there is. It will be tough and it might not save us in 2015 but changes to game plan and personnel are required.

Shaun Edwards, Elliot Kavanagh and Ariel Sternberg (depending upon Rookie elevation status) need to be given a bigger chance in the senior side to see if they can hold down a permanent spot. Kavanagh as a mid fielder with genuine pace, Edwards as an elusive goal kicking small to medium sized forward and Sternberg as another swingman forward or back and my best bet to replace Fletcher when and if he finally retires. Sternberg did well in 2014 and was stiff to miss selection early this year (to Gwilt) which didn't seem like an investment in the future to me. Also skill levels across the board by hand, by foot and especially in front of goal needs to improve and the list management guys need to focus on bringing execution skills to the list, not just guys who can nail the beep test at the draft combine…

No sense in bringing in new players, if we don't have a game plan or a method of spreading quickly and getting the ball forward to better options. Too often we kick the ball on the head of the little guys and at the feet of the big blokes. It is frustrating for the fans and it must upset the players as well.

I haven't given up on season 2015 yet but I hope we can turn it around this coming weekend against the Cats.

Bye for now, BomberBoy

RIP Tyson

Sad times indeed in late April when our beautiful dog, Tyson finally succumbed to various ailments and took his leave.

_IMG1515 - Version 2

Rest in peace my little mate.

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Not happy with!

Good evening,

Microsoft as released some technology that analyses an individuals face from a submitted photo and selects their gender and estimates their age. My result is below. Hot happy Jan! Apple would never release such offensive technology!

thumb_Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.49.24 pm_1024
68, bah - 2015

Bye for now, BomberBoy

The Ivanhoe Grammar School Centenary Dinner

Good morning,

On Saturday evening I attended the Centenary Dinner in honour of Ivanhoe Grammar School in the Buckley Hall at the Lockley Campus, The Ridgeway in Ivanhoe. The evening was organised by the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association and I am delighted to report that the Class of 1972 was very well represented with some 22 attendees.

The night started with pre-dinner drinks and canapés generously hosted by Nigel & Freya Preston and it really got the conversation going. It was a real treat to catch up with many of my former student friends, some of whom I haven't seen for about 43 years! The meal, wine, musical interludes and speeches were all well received but the highlights of the evening were a warm rendition of the school song immediately followed by a rousing version of the IGS war cry.

Ego-ya indeed!

Bye for now, BomberBoy

2015 so far...

Good evening,

In analysing 2015, there are major themes, supporting tasks and bubbling undercurrents. Sounds almost like a spy thriller!

The major themes are turning out to be motorsport and music. Last year during the GT3 rebuild, I did commit 2015 to be the year of performance and focus, both in terms of mental and emotional commitment and financial… I am off to a positive, if not stunning start, but my interest levels and passion for success are actually increasing by event. Bring it on!Those of you that follow my hifi musings will know that I am deeply smitten by the awesome products produced by Kyron Audio, and that I have ordered an 'enhanced' version of their Kronos system. As happens with bespoke manufacturing, better options open up, complexity & quality overcomes the players and delays occur. The latest estimate is that our system will arrive late March. All of the proceeding notwithstanding, the communications with Kyron Audio during the purchase and delivery process have been transparent and first class.

One of the supporting tasks is that I am doing more and more cooking at home. The good news is that Robin is a grateful guinea pig bravely trying my creations and even doing the cleaning up afterwards.

And finally, I seem to have found some newfound enthusiasm to seek part time work a little more enthusiastically. One promising lead unfortunately failed to produce a result, and there is at least one other opportunity currently in train. I am really looking forward to helping significant organisations achieve their IT and corporate gaols. Watch this space!

And it is not just all about me. No really, it isn't! Robin is off to a great start to the season with State Championships with 'Lily' and 'Jimmy' at Werribee in early March. Well done her!

There is a flip side for me of course. I have to admit that my interest in, and results on, the golf course have suffered of late. Even though it would help my fitness levels, I just don't have the motivation at the moment. Maybe it will return…

Stay tuned!

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Antony Kinnear's 60th Birthday

Good evening,

Well this is going to be a longish and personal post.

Antony Kinnear and I, or more accurately our mothers, met sometime early in 1961-2. Forgive me if my memory is a little shoddy….Antony and I were pupils from Grade 1 at Aberfeldie State School in Essendon and from the above you can get a sense that our parents pallied up quicker than and Antony and I did! But we certainly made up for lost time and were BFFs a good generation or so before the term became famous.

I will now refer to my friend as Ant. His mother called him Antony, his father called him Tony (or Anto) and after starting at Geelong Grammar School, a master there called him 'Gus' after a previous Kinnear family boarder which quickly caught on throughout most of his adult life. All very confusing, but not for me, as my mate will always be 'Ant'!


As I was arriving on Saturday afternoon for the evening soiree, I was delighted to be asked to stay as a guest of Ant's mother, Phyllis and sister, Judy at a property 'just down the road' from Ants. As Ant told me, it was THE best available accommodation in the area.

Just to confirm our 'status' I drove into Ant' property as he was walking out towards the gate. A quick glance, a welcoming smile and it as like fifty years disappeared. A warm hand shake, followed by very relaxed conversation about everything in general and nothing in particular. Wonderful!

Guests soon started to arrive.

Bye for now, BomberBoy