New K'a'rcher K5 with stuff!

I can almost feel my cars shaking as the new pressure washer was unloaded this afternoon.

A wonderful K5, with a seven year warranty, 9 litres / per minute water flow and 2100 psi of pressure. And with both the standard and 'after-market' foam lances at the ready there should be no excuses why the fleet isn't in pristine condition at all times. But I have a few up my sleeve just in case…

Sadly, when the warranty runs out I will be 70 years old and probably sucking my meals through a straw and not worrying too much about sucking water through a pressure washer to clean my cars!

Bye for now, BomberBoy

Coral Expeditions - Kimberley Cruise

Several of our friends had been on various versions of a cruise along the Kimberley coast from Broome to Darwin (or vice versa) and it has been on our holiday to do list for a few years. Well, in July 2018 our time came!

First stop was flying from Melbourne to Broome. First time for us in the 'Pearl City'. Very remote, very friendly and the weather in the middle of 'winter' was spectacular. Three days, two nights before our boat departed. The usual tourist highlights were done - walks along Cable Beach, pearl tours, eating & drinking at Matso's and of course the obligatory sunset viewing.

The Coral Discoverer - Our home for ten nights -2018

My highlight - the trip to Montgomery Reef and this sunset shot of it - 2018

Indigenous art, unexpectedly moving - 2018

Plenty of rock formations in the Kimberley - 2018

Bathurst 12 Hour Sports Car Event

Thanks to a kind invitation from my good friend Linley I was able to attend the Bathurst 12 Hour for the first time this year and in some style I can tell you.

Mount Panorama, Australia's most iconic motor sports location - 2018

My home for the weekend. Primo! - 2018

Where have I been???

The MAJOR reason that I have not posted much this year is due poor ill health, affecting me both physically and emotionally..

Apart from a pacemaker insertion in February 2017, there has been nothing life threatening or major BUT during the year there have been so many other varied ailments that any individual might have one of over their lifetime but I have had most of them over one year!

For scale let me list the approximate number of procedures:
- General anaesthetic - 10
- Local anaesthetic - 3
- Emergency admissions - 3
- Hospital admissions - 7
- Imaging appointments - 6
- Blood tests - >50
- GP / specialist appointments - >30

Not a lot of time left for living life sadly. Just miserable… That said I am really grateful for the support of my really good friends through this tough period. You all know who you are! Thank you so much.

All the said, I am now back feeling healthy again. Fingers crossed!

Bye for now, BomberBoy