Devil Bend Reservoir Visit

Good evening,

Late in the year we saw a Mornington Peninsula promotion about the Devil Bend Reservoir Park. As it was only 15 minutes from home and we hadn't seen it, we figured we should go check it out.

There are several short-ish (less than 3 kms) walks around the banks with some interesting vistas and flora. The local Park Ranger was in attendance and was chatty and engaging, willing answer any question visitors may have.

A cliff jumper and a fly fisherman, gotta love diversity! - 2014

While predominantly flat, some nice angles and pictures can be had if you can be imaginative and creative. I can't (!) and these pictures were all taken around lunch time. I am sure the locations would look much better early AM or late PM.

 Secluded bay\
A secluded bay - 2014

I would whole heartedly recommend a visit to the Devil Bend Reservoir Park for an easy, photogenic walk with excellent facilities. Enjoy, we did!

Bye for now, BomberBoy