Review MTC - 'Music'

Good afternoon,

Last night Robin and I attended our last Melbourne Theatre Company production for the year, 'Music', by Australian playwright, Barry Oakley.

To kick off, we enjoyed a wonderful pre-theatre dinner at Bistro Guillaume at Crown. Sitting on the terrace overlooking the river and the city beyond, it is such a gorgeous place to be and the food is cooked with pure French class and presented with style and simplicity. Yes, it is a Humphries favourite.

Strolling on the way to the Arts Centre we reflected that this year the MTC has not been kind to us. The two previous performances we attended, we failed to return after 'half time'. Not necessarily any fault of the Company or the production, just not to our tastes on the night.

Well, we needn't have worried this time. Somewhat buoyed (though locked in) that there was no intermission in the 90 minute performance, we sat down in the Fairfax Theatre to watch a most enjoyable 'four hander'.

'Music' cast - Picture MTC 2012

Various themes of lives wasted, death, religion and adultery were mixed with a little music, malt whiskey and marijuana to deliver an evolving tale of lies and deception played out to a full house. Yes, it is true, it is tricky to fully flesh out all the characters and a forty year relationship span in 90 minutes as lamented by other critics, but I for one left well entertained and slightly confronted by the production. The cast were all fine, especially Richard Piper in the lead role as the dying 'Jack' and the minimalist set and lighting rightly focused the attention of the actors and the dialog.

And for me, a night at the theatre doesn't get much better than this. Bravo!

Bye for now, BomberBoy