The 2013 Christmas Day Wrap

Good morning,

Christmas has come and gone for another year. As I sit here lethargically in my lounge chair on Thursday morning waiting for the Boxing Day Test to start, it doesn't feel like it but it was a very enjoyable Christmas Day. The luncheon feast was at our place again this year. That is not a complaint but a bonus. I can eat and drink what I want and if I need a quiet lie down mid afternoon, I can do that as well.

Preparations started a couple of weeks out. Ordering the seafood, deciding which roast meats to prepare (and where). Crayfish, oysters, prawns and salad greens for starters, followed by Roast Beef, Roast Turkey breast and carved ham off the bone, along with six or seven vegetables. Desserts were plum pudding and possibly a grilled stone fruit pavlova. Well, that was the plan anyway.

After some initial preparations on Christmas morning, I went to visit my Dad. I am pleased to say that he was in good spirits and we shared a small bottle of sparkling wine and after a few sips he seemed to improve a bit more! Then his personal doctor John visited with his wife Pam (both long time family friends) with a card and Christmas wishes and that cheered him up even more.

Dad enjoying a tipple for Christmas at Somercare - 2013

Our guests arrived a little early, putting the pressure on last minute preparations. While organising the drinks, I managed to smash a champagne glass that added further stress. Aaarrghh. But the seafood was duly served and was particularly fine. Phew, one course down!

M & M 2013 Lunch
Family & friends Christmas 2013 - 2013

It was our first year to roast a full (well buffe) turkey. Robin made stuffing, only to find that there was nowhere to 'stuff' it! The roast veggies were in one BBQ and the scotch fillet roast in the other, and with the turkey from the kitchen oven, everything was now done and were served with the many vegetables and suitably 'thick' gravy. Two courses down. Ah, the day will now get easier. Those of you following closely may notice that I didn't mention the ham... That is because it stayed in the fridge. We forgot all about it! Oh well, maybe next year. Margaret's plum pudding and brandy sauce was the traditionalist's choice for dessert, but I had planned to offer a fruit pavlova loosely based on a recipe that Jamie Oliver was flogging for Woolies on the TV. Lani and Jesse (and me) were keen for the pavlova so I grilled the fruit and assembled the toppings (Robin had already made the base) and it was really good! And if you ignore the meringue base, the full vanilla cream and the crushed 'Flake' on top, it was almost healthy...

The now 'traditional' Christmas BBQ Stone Fruit Pavlova - Photo by Lani Cleland 2013

After lunch we all retired to the lounge room where presents were merrily exchanged and due to some well organised 'negotiations' most people were very happy, if not totally surprised, by their gifts!

The roll call of the day was Margaret Cleland, Libby Cleland and her daughters Lani and Jesse, Denise Banks and for dessert (of course) Monica Clifford. I hope everyone enjoyed the day. After some cleaning up Robin and I had a very light dinner and a quiet drink to celebrate successfully surviving another family Christmas Day.

Bye for now, BomberBoy