The AMG has landed!

The car upgrade bug has finally bitten, and bitten hard!

I reluctantly took the decision that while my track days are definitely not over, my level of focus and preparation is probably not up to the desired level to warrant trailers, wheel changes, early arrivals, pre-practice, late departures and all that goes on when you need to be serious about your motorsport. I would just like to arrive and drive, so my towing days are over and sadly, it means goodbye to the Cayenne as we don't need two SUVs in the family any more.

But an everyday four door sedan would meet the criteria for daily driving and country and interstate touring with occasional passengers.

After some lengthy consideration we decided that some sort of sport Mercedes Benz would be appropriate. The current model E-class was deemed to be 'an old man's car' even in AMG form, and the new model is still six months or more away and way, way out of our price range. Sitting a couple of cars away in the dealers lot at Mercedes Benz Melbourne was a 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG C63 S Edition 1. Phew, what a name, but what a car!


It is my first ever 'sports' V8 vehicle and the sound it makes is just spine tingling. Very cruise-y around town in 'Comfort' mode but it bites and barks when slipped into 'Sport+' mode on the open road. The vehicle has almost every safety feature known to man (with a mind-boggling array of acronyms) and an extremely comprehensive (meaning complicated) suite of HVAC, satellite navigation and surround sound and video entertainment systems. I am still learning…

RW-2-170419 RW-3-170419

It is very early days, but the driving experience is sensational. Unlimited power, pleasant (for a performance car) ride, limitless entertainment options and active and passive safety features all add up to a fabulous machine to own and enjoy. We are really looking forward to our trip to Maroochydore in late June in to. Should be wonderful!

GJH-1-170415 GJH-6-170415

Bye for now, BomberBoy