Our 2012 Christmas Day

Good morning,

Sometimes Christmas Day is enjoyable, sometimes it can be a bit of an endurance test, but I am pleased to report that this year Christmas Day was a very pleasant and happy occasion.

It started out with a visit to Dad's nursing home, SomerCare. I took over some prawns and a small bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the festive season with him. The prawns and cocktail sauce bought smile to his face but he grimaced when emptying his wine glass. When I enquired what was wrong he said 'It is a bit tart'. Critical of my choice of wine! So I poured the (small) remains of the bottle into my glass. A few moments later Dad picked up his glass again and looked disappointed it was empty! So I had to 're-balance' the contents of both glasses. Chatting with the nursing staff afterwards, they were all looking forward to lunching with the residents, but equally looking forward to getting together with family and friends once their shift finished. I hope that they all had a great day also.

Our lunch this year was at Libby's place in Wantirna, with Libby, her daughter Jesse and mother-in-law Margaret in attendance. We took some seafood and roast beef to add to the meal, which turned out to be a monster spread. Chilled prawns, a charcuterie plate and rocket, pear and parmesan salad to start, a main of turkey, ham, roast beef, gravies and five different vegetables. Then it was time for dessert. A 'dispute' arose regarding how much brandy to put in the brandy sauce. From the dining table I heard some commotion and the sound of an entire bottle of brandy being upended into the custard. The aroma of the plum pudding and it's sauce was very alcoholic indeed. Then macaroons and home made biscuits came out with coffee. Oh, and did I mention the fresh cherry plate? It was all pretty fabulous and the phrase 'over catered' comes to mind…

The afternoon wound up with gift sharing and opening. They ranged from traditional (hampers), to practical (a hose reel) to the 'interesting' (a 'coffee table' book about cheese but presented in the shape of a cheese round). A lot of thought and effort (and the odd suggestion) went into the gifts making them useful, helpful therefore even more greatly appreciated

A big thank you to Libby for hosting us for lunch and taking so much effort throughout the day to ensure everyone had a good time.

WIth little traffic going back to Peninsula, we arrived home quickly but still feeling not that hungry! I was then surprised with a few more gifts, courtesy of our animals… The most bizarre was a meat thermometer 'from The Cows'. What were they thinking???

A great Christmas Day indeed.

Bye for now, BomberBoy