Canadian Bay Club Visit

Good evening,

On December 30 we were invited to the Canadian Bay Club by the Quinn family to join some of their friends for a relaxed BBQ dinner. Robin and I had not been to the club before and I must say I was looking forward to the opportunity.

Now the CBC is a members-only clubhouse-style environment that provides facilities for self-catered type meals whilst providing all the cooking, cutlery and associated needs to support dining requirements. Balcony seating and dining, boat and kayak storage and the spectacular location are the main attractions of the club.

IMG_2730 (1)
The summer afternoon view across Canadian Bay - 2013

The view from the deck across Canadian Bay is of the million dollar variety. Absolute waterfront, private and superb. Sadly I had a bout of camera incompetence and didn't get a decent panorama of the view. Bah.

After plenty of tasty snacks (including some superb organic popcorn) we dined on a delightful BBQ of steak and snags with mixed salads. A sensational lemon tart was the major dessert that only lost marks because it was made by a professional chef ( a guest). It was sensational! Coffee and chocolates rounded off the evening.

Although the environment and food were very good, the conversation was the best part of the evening. Corey and Jane knew everyone, but some of the others were strangers but not for long. Especially with one of the guests, Rowan, fairly giving the female guests the 'third degree' and finding out more information in fifteen minutes than others would have taken three months to find out. With all cards on the table, the gloves were off (apologies for the mixed metaphors...) and information was freely shared thereafter! Great fun.

Thanks to Corey and Jane (and family) for inviting us. We had a fantastic evening.

Bye for now, BomberBoy