Cooking updates

Good afternoon,

I have been manning the pans recently and mostly with decent success.

I found a bolognese / pasta sauce recipe that sounded OK, tweaked a bit for our tastes and have now made it twice and it worked both times so it will be a keeper. The slower I can simmer it ,the better it tastes (of course) but can still still be acceptably whipped up in about an hour.

Greg's Secret Bolognese Recipe - 2016

On the Weber grill side, I tried two slow cooked cuts of meat, lamb shoulder and pork shoulder. Although I cooked the pork for some five hours it still came out more like roast pork than pulled pork. Successful from a taste point of view but wasn't the pull apart with a fork tenderness I was looking / hoping for. Will try even lower temps for longer next time. Then to the lamb, four hours fully covered on low heat and it was delicious. This one really did fall off the bone. At last I might actually be learning to cook low and slow!

The side burner on the Weber has been getting a serious workout with pan-fried tomatoes for breakfast and then various combos of vegetables for dinner, like the potato and spinach dish below.

Fillet tournedos with sautéed potato & spinach - 2016

Bring on winter!

Bye for now, BomberBoy