Antony Kinnear's 60th Birthday

Good evening,

Well this is going to be a longish and personal post.

Antony Kinnear and I, or more accurately our mothers, met sometime early in 1961-2. Forgive me if my memory is a little shoddy….Antony and I were pupils from Grade 1 at Aberfeldie State School in Essendon and from the above you can get a sense that our parents pallied up quicker than and Antony and I did! But we certainly made up for lost time and were BFFs a good generation or so before the term became famous.

I will now refer to my friend as Ant. His mother called him Antony, his father called him Tony (or Anto) and after starting at Geelong Grammar School, a master there called him 'Gus' after a previous Kinnear family boarder which quickly caught on throughout most of his adult life. All very confusing, but not for me, as my mate will always be 'Ant'!


As I was arriving on Saturday afternoon for the evening soiree, I was delighted to be asked to stay as a guest of Ant's mother, Phyllis and sister, Judy at a property 'just down the road' from Ants. As Ant told me, it was THE best available accommodation in the area.

Just to confirm our 'status' I drove into Ant' property as he was walking out towards the gate. A quick glance, a welcoming smile and it as like fifty years disappeared. A warm hand shake, followed by very relaxed conversation about everything in general and nothing in particular. Wonderful!

Guests soon started to arrive.

Bye for now, BomberBoy