New Years Eve Celebrations

Good afternoon,

New Years Eve celebrations this year were held at Palazzio Mason in Mt Martha, along with Helen & Linley Baxter.

It soon became obvious that the Masons had gone to some great lengths to plan and organise this event. On arrival, we were presented with a printed menu and extensive wine list for our review. The white and sparkling wines were spread over 5 fridges, and after perusing the wine list for 10 minutes, Chris set off in search of my selection. Some 15 minutes went by until he returned with my 'second' choice. The search provided too difficult and time consuming apparently!

A superb BBQ of roast beef rib and pork with excellent vegetables (I'm told) was laid out and we continued to eat, drink and chat until the midnight hour arrived when we adjourned upstairs to the balcony for a view of the fireworks on the distant city skyline. The night for us wound up with several games via the XBox, at which Chris seems surprisingly competent. Thanks for a great evening!

NYE Card
A great time was had by all - 2012/3

Bye for now, BomberBoy